Primed for your Life Inspirational Derek Ackary

G’day Mate,

Thanks for adding my before and after pic to your facebook/instagram. Hopefully I can be a source of inspiration to others.

Derek Ackary before and after

Here’s my story:

Two of my best mates passed away recently, both within 9 months of each other. My first mate died one week before his 49th birthday in November 2013. He was massively overweight and led a fairly unorthodox lifestyle, and didn’t exercise. Being with him made me feel that if he could live that way, so could I, even though deep down, I knew it was leading to a path of destruction. But then I was in for a bigger shock 9 months after he passed on…

My other mate had a better lifestyle – he made efforts to eat well and exercise, but was a massive smoker and under lots of stress from his job. He died in August 2014, 8 months after turning 50. This left me absolutely shattered.

Two of my best all time mates, two of the best blokes you would ever meet, gone within 9 months of each other. Both of these guys were actually also mates and left us well before their time with various complications, as opposed to dying of “natural” causes. However, it was the second death happening so soon after the first that motivated me to take action for myself.

I wanted to give myself the best chance in life to achieve my goals such as traveling the world (in a fit, mobile manner), and spending time with my family – life long time. Soon after that, by a chance encounter, I bumped into Chad in October 2014. Although I already knew Chad, I hadn’t seen him for several years. Up to that point, I had already made some changes and had in fact lost some weight since my friend had passed on in August however, Chad was the missing piece of the jigsaw and gave me the motivation to make more of a change.

Less than six months later, here I am! Stronger, Happier and Lighter

Derek Ackary pic


July 25, 2014 weighed 98kg
Started Primed around Nov 14, 2014 weighing 94.5kg
March 5 weight is 84.7kg (lost almost 10 kilos in 4 months)
Goal weight 81kg
Do eccentric gym for approx 70 mins per week (2 sessions x 35 mins)
Interval training (high intensive cardio) for approx 50 mins per week (2 sessions x 25 mins).
Go for a casual jog around village for approx 30 mins once per week (approx 4.5kms)
Walk around the village for approx 60 mins once per week (approx 6kms)
Total exercise per week 210 mins (3.5hrs per week) four days per week.
Intermittent Fasting every day for 16 hours (skip breakfast) to increase ketones and reduce insulin. When I reach goal weight I will add back breakfast to maintain weight.

Here is a list of things that I have noticed since going Primed:

Zero flatulence
Cuts and wounds healing quicker
Mentally sharper, no fogginess
More energy
Less sleepiness and feeling drained
Blood count better (triglycerides to HDL ratio down)
No longer taking triglyceride meds. I’m no longer a health risk according to my doctor
Haven’t had a cold/flu despite whole family/work mates/friends getting it (although I do consume two lemons/day)
More strength from weightlifting
Losing weight
Sleeping a bit better
Less body stiffness
Bowel movements aren’t sticky and come out better
Virtually zero diarrhea (not that I would have it too often but now hardly ever – probably more so from eating out less)

In summary:

I eat great healthy foods, cook more, eat more and enjoy food more and what’s more, feel great.

I’m never going back to sugar or gluten!


This post is dedicated in loving memory to my mates.

I love you and miss you. I will learn from you and keep an eye on your beautiful families.

Derek with mates

Rest in peace.

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