Primed Berns Tan is Number 1

Here is a Primed story from Ironwoman Berns Tan. Berns recently stood on top place of the podium for Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 held on March 8th, 2015 at Subic Bay. Congratulations Berns.

Hey Chad!

After our fabulously delicious lunch at The Wholesome Table:

The Wholesome Table Berns lunch1

What I ate most of the time:

1. Coffee, no sugar, with either VCO or coconut milk (thanks for teaching me how to make my own home-made coconut milk)

2. Eggs with cheese or home made corned beef

3. Dessert – egg pudding (egg yolks and home-made coconut milk)

4. Pork/Beef ribs soup with lots of veggies (carrots, raddish, cabbage, spinach, onions, garlic)

5. Primed Tuna Kinilaw (soaked in apple cider vinegar). We love this recipe.


6. Chicken (except fried, but if fried then with Coconut Oil and never Vegetable Oil)

7. Lots of green leafy salad, olive oil, pepper, sea salt

8. Drinking lots of coconut juice

9. Coconut milk with avocados and/or bananas

What I don’t eat/drink:

1. Rice, pasta, bread

2. Sports drinks, soft drinks, energy gels (only as back up for the race)

*lost around 2 lbs in less than 2 weeks

My pre-race meal:

1. 1 pc Meat loaf
2. 2 Soft boiled eggs
3. Coffee
4. Chopseuy

What I noticed on the race:

45km on the bike and I didn’t feel the need to take gel, I was drinking water and ate only one energy bar (will do away with this next time), on the turnaround, although I did not feel the need to take anything, I decided just to be safe, I took a tube of Thomas’ Sponser gel (hehe! was not able to make my home made gel). On the whole run leg I consumed another Sponser gel. Did not drink any sports drink, just water to thirst.

I didn’t feel any hunger nor weakness. The heat was just too much!

On my other 70.3 races, I would consume an average of 10 gels (of 24g carbs). Was still able to manage a sub 3 bike and sub 2 run.

I think my body needs around 4 weeks to fully adjust. Hopefully I will be a better fully Primed student on IM Taiwan.

I saw a documentary about LCHF diet on Australian Plus Channel, Professor Tim Noakes (author of The Lore of Running) was apologizing for his previous teaching on carbo loading and taking gels, he admitted that it was a mistake. Everything just like what you said.

Watch Professor Tim Noakes here.

Thanks Buddy!!!

Berns and Buddies

Berns with her buddies and Greenhills tri teammates.

Berns and pals

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