Primed Tanigue Kinilaw with Extra Vegetables and Avocado

Kinilaw (also known as Kalawin) is my favorite Primed Filipino dish to prepare and eat. It is a dish loaded with Omega 3, vitamins and minerals and is delicious by itself or served on avocado chunks, kangkong leaves and even wrapped in cabbage leaves. My fondest memories of enjoying this dish was way back in 2002 whilst watching the Football World Cup with Chef Cyrille at the InterContinetal Manila.

It is quite a simple dish to prepare as all you need are fresh ingredients and a sharp knife.



(1) 660 grams of fresh fish (2 pieces) such as salmon or tuna or tanigue fillets (cost roughly P548/kilo = P360)
(2) 2 cucumbers cubed (not too small and leave skin on)
(3) 6 cloves of minced garlic (or just cut very finely)
(4) 2 chopped white or red onion
(5) 3 tabled spoons of pickled ginger cut very finely
(6) 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar
(7) 4 lemons squeezed of all their juice
(8) salt and pepper
(9) 5 tomatoes (cored and cut into strips
(10) 2 capsicum/green pepper (can be red and/or yellow) chopped
(11) 4 table spoons of olive oil
(12) avocado, kangkong and cabbage leaves (depends on how you wish to serve your Primed Kinilaw)
(12) chopped chili optional


(1) Remove the skin and bones from the tanigue after rinsing in fresh, clean water
(2) Cut into pieces approximately 2 cm by 2 cm
(3) Put fish into dish and add salt, mix in gently so as not to break into smaller pieces
(4) Add your lemon juice into the bowl with your tanigue. Allow to marinade for 15 minutes

(5) Whisk your olive oil and apple cider vinegar and add to tanigue and lemon juice
(7) Add the rest of your ingredients: cucumber, tomato, pepper/capsicum, onion, garlic and pickled ginger
(6) Mix in all the ingredients including a dash of pepper and salt
(8) Cover with cling wrap or lid and place in the fridge to cool


(1) To make it even more Primed serve on kangkong leaves (as shown below), fresh spinach or lettuce leaves. Kangkong is a good source of amino acids, calcium, iron, vitamins B and C.

Tanigue Kinilaw Primed

(2) You could even wrap your Primed Kinilaw in steamed (and then cooled) cabbage leaves as shown below.

(3) Also delicious and energy packed is to serve your Primed Tanigue Kinilaw over avocado chunks.

Primed Kinilaw with extra vegetables over avocado chunks

(4) You could also mix your Primed Tinigue Kinilaw with fresh malunggay leaves for extra nutrients and a pepper finish with the lemon dressing.

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