8 thoughts on “Recovery Rocks When You Follow the Primed Lifestyle – Eight Examples”

  1. How about body building ? They say we need carbs to replenish muscle glycogen after the training – is that correct ?

    1. Hi Bolo. I do both endurance events like triathlon Ironman and Eccentric Gym muscle building too. I think it is never the right time to put cheap, highly processed carbs in your tank. Cheap carbo such as bread, pasta, noodles etc. However, quality carbohydrates like green veg, cabbage, bananas etc. are ok in smaller quantities from what I have read and experienced. I still believe quality protein and fats after a good workout is ideal with optional quality carbs. If you are a fat burner then no real need for the carbohydrates or just have some great greens for the vitamins and minerals they supply. If you are a sugar burner then best to adapt to become a fat burner so you recover faster and get a higher quality fuel source to operate your mind and body. I hope this answers your question mate. Cheers.

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