Primed Judith is Inspiring So Many Others to Improve Their Lives. That’s How to Live and Be happy.

What an amazing difference Judith made to her life in just 2 months. The weight loss is irrelevant compared to having more energy, mental clarity, confidence, happiness and to be now fighting disease. Go Primed and make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Judith at TWT

“Thank you, Chad. I can’t thank you enough for spotting me at the 1st Aspin Race last Oct 10 at Camp Aguinaldo. I am constantly being asked and always eager to share the Primed for your Life nutrition. Those who believe are now enjoying the health benefits as well and they feel great too. All the best to your and your family! See you after Christmas!”

“Loving & enjoying the health benefits of a PRIMED LIFESTYLE!

* Reduced Blood Sugar
* Lower Blood Pressure
* Body inflammation – GONE!
* Normalized my sleeping schedule
* Deep Sleep
* More Energized
* Improved mood / behavior
* No feeling of food deprivation
* No hunger anxiety attacks
* Inch loss & weight loss even without the exercise YET – my favorite part smile emoticon

Thank you, Chad Davis! I could not ask for a better Wellness Coach.”

Even Judith’s beautiful dog Cookie will have more energy and longevity with the Primed Lifestyle. Woof woof Cookie.

Judith and Cookie

Please, do not feed your pets (yourself or your family) “food” they cannot digest properly, or that causes inflammation due to their blood sugar spiking and/or oxidative stress effects (grains, sugar, veg/seed oil. soy, corn and low-fat anything). More and more cats and dogs are becoming diseased with the diabetic condition unfortunately.

Primed Judith rocked the Corregidor Marathon

Judith Corregidor

“Chad Davis, thank you for being such a wonderful Wellness Coach. My shots of Primed Centrifuged Organic Virgin Coconut Oil paired with cold water and some pistachio nuts surprisingly sustained me all throughout the monstrous 42K stretch and my tummy was not as bloated compared to previous Corregidor races. Thank you for your generosity of sharing your Primed For Your Life Nutrition to me and to our Soleus Family. We had a great time during your talk at the island.”

Judith's Primed OVCO

From Judith

So proud to share my “MY BEFORE & AFTER” photos!!! My priority goal for going PRIMED. I’m on my way to my desired BP.

Coming from Stage 2, working on reducing my DIA digits so I will no longer be Stage 1 Hypertensive. Soon!

Chad Davis, I’m so happy!

I had the best fun sharing my Primed for your Life Lifestyle knowledge with my Soleus Philippines teammates.

Thank you for arranging for my Primed talk Judith. I loved sharing with the team. Please see here 30 benefits you can receive after going Primed.

Soleus seminar

The fact they appreciated it so much fills me with pride. The fact that it will assist them and their families gives me more pleasure than any money could give me. I love my job.

Benefits of a Well Nourished Body and Mind

The Primed Lifestyle allows you to do the following:

Primed for your life - quote - Copy

– Maintain constant blood sugar (and insulin) levels at an optimal range, as well as a consistently great mood.

– Decrease your inflammation, aches and pains, illnesses, potential for disease, stress levels and health issues.

– Increase your metabolism, digestive health, confidence, energy, mental clarity, brain power, skin quality, immune system (so you ca better fight disease), sleep quality and happiness.

– Oh, you also RECOVER FASTER due to the lack of inflammation in your body by eating quality saturated fats, proteins and vegetables.

Please avoid cheap and nasty processed grains, sugars, soy stuff and vegetable oil as they hinder your recovery (and longevity)!

The main benefit is the pure joy you feel as you inspire and help others.

Happy gift to give

You then help your family, friends and colleagues.

The feeling of self-satisfaction and pride in helping those near and dear to you is PRICELESS.

The Final Word:

This sums up Judith Staples perfectly.

Happy be somebody

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