7 Reason Soleus Corregidor Island Race is a Must for January 2017

The Corregidor Island marathon, half marathon and 10km race are held every January and I am so glad we now know exactly what we will be doing every year on that Saturday (full marathon) or  Sunday (other distance) come January.

Corregidor Marathon Rocks

7 Reasons To Join Me, My Family, My Soleus Philippines Teammates, Interntaional Competitors and Hundreds of Others Next Year

(1). The ferry trip over is a blast.

Simply leave the smog and heat of Manila behind as you enjoy the cool sea breeze as you travel to beautiful and historic Corregidor Island. The island is less than 90 minutes away and is a fun trip from the Mall of Asia area.

Corregidor Marathon Bye Manila

Good bye Manila and hello to the fresh air of Corregidor Island. It is breath-takingly beautiful. The race starts at 8am so you can stay over the previous night or even rock up on the day itself by catching the first ferry.

Corregidor Marathon Hello CI

(2). Corregidor Island is gorgeous, green, historical, mysterious and a fun place to visit.

Corregidor Marathon Beautiful

We loved swimming in the sea before and after our half-marathon. Next time we will join the historical tour.

Corregidor Marathon21

Thanks to my former colleague  Bel Castro I received a marvelous Corregidor education from her time on the island from when she was 10 years old (34 years ago!). Cheers Bel.

Corregidor Marathon24

(3). The race incorporates trail running along with pounding the pavement. I love trail running.

Corregidor Marathon22

Thanks again for the two photographs above Bel.

(4). The people competing are among the coolest and friendliest I have ever run with.

Corregidor Marathon1

The medals are beautiful. I am going to get a big one like my Primed mate TJ earned this year.

Corregidor Marathon Primed TJ

(5). I’ll gladly talk to you any time I am in Corregidor next year about the Primed Lifestyle. Even a group talk for your team like I did with my Soleus Philippines teammates.

Corregidor Marathon14

There were so many existing Primed people at the event like Judith Staples, Tj Jimenez, Don Milanes from Boracay (6th in the half-marathon), Ernest Carual, Christian Davis (8th in the 10km race), Andy Pope (2nd in the half-marathon), Getz and TaskUs staff for whom I have previously conducted Primed Corporate Wellness seminars.

Corregidor runners

With Don Milanes, Jeff Suazo, Mervin Guarte, Andy Pope and Chad Davis.

6. The podium fits 10 people. I love that. 

Positions one to three were called up after 4 to 10.

Corregidor Marathon13

We were very proud of my son for representing Soleus Philippines so well with a strong 10km race.

Corregidor Marathon20


His reward besides a great “Placers Certificate” was a Primed Gourmet Pizza. His favorite.

(7).  You see some amazing sights.

Corregidor Marathon23

Yes, Super Mario was there. This guy surely has Super Primed powers because he ran the full marathon on Saturday (it is a very tough and challenging course) and the half-marathon on Sunday. Wow.

The Final Words

Corregidor Marathon6

Corregidor Island is a great place for your family to visit any time of the year. There are even tents available to use if you do not want to try their excellent accommodations. Set your goals for January 2017 to join this race as you’ll certainly enjoy it.

Mt. Labo Corregidor

You might even bump into the cool champs from Mt. Labo who also will join my family in 2017.

Corregidor Soleus teammates

It will be a pleasure to hang with my Soleus Philippines teammates again.

Let’s rock Corregidor Island in 2017.

Corregidor Marathon12









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