Great Reasons Your Company Should Go Primed

Great companies look after their staff. They know that their health (and that of their staff’s family) is an essential ingredient for the companies success. Happy and healthy staff equate to more productive and smarter employees.

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar pics4

The Primed Lifestyle has a proven track record in improving productivity and staff satisfaction. It reverses Type 2 Diabetes, ADHD, obesity, asthma, PCOS among many other conditions. Health markers improve drastically.

Read about Primed Corporate success stories here.  Also here.

Here are some of the great activities that could be incorporated into your fun and educational Primed Wellness Seminar:

1.       INTRODUCTION: (a) Health and fitness goals; (b) Health history rating 1-10; (c) Gratitude exercise; (d) What do you “love too much?”; (e) “What do you want to do at 90?”; and (f)  Habits to improve…

2.       TRUE OR FALSE QUIZ: (a) Power point quiz with answering T or F; (b) scores out of 30; and (c) vital questions.

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar Chad5

3.       BITE SIZE SUCCESS: (a) Individually; and (b) Company policies (control environment = positive behaviours.

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar food6

4.       SUMMARY of the PRIMED LIFESTYLE: Manners, etiquette, do good – feel good, help others to help yourself = key to happiness.

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar food1


(a) Kimbap Wrap;

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar Kimbap Wrap

(b) Blood sugar levels;

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar Blood Sugar

(c) Eccentric gym;

(d) Ab wheel; (e) Shot of Primed VCO;

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar bosses vco shots

(f) Zucchini spiralizer;

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar bosses

and (g) Primed Smoothie.

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar Breville Smoothie3

The Breville Blender rocks. Easily the best I have ever used. 

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar Breville Smoothie2

Additional information demonstrated as well. Guess what this relates to?

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar Squatty Potty

6.       Dining Card: How to dine out and travel Primed.

7.       Lucerne/Soleus Success Stories:

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar pics Rose Ann

Read about Rose Ann here.

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar pics Judith

Read about Judith here.

Stay tuned for a lot more because the Primed Lifestyle will help you live better, longer.

8.       Question and Answer:

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar Chad5



9. Let’s eat Primed.

Primed Kimbap wraps and Primed Kinilaw were enjoyed by all.

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar participants17

The Primed Brownies were a huge hit and produced big smiles.

Chocolate Brownies

10.Four thumbs up. Most crucial of all is follow up and on-going support to maintain the Primed Lifestyle.

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar pics5

The Final Word:

Whether it is a one off seminar or a structured 6 month program, the Primed Lifestyle works. From Mt. Labo Mining company, insurance companies, hospitality groups, pharmaceutical companies and people worldwide are experiencing great health benefits.

They are smarter, stronger and happier with vastly improved blood works.

Lucerne Primed Wellness Seminar participants



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