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Great Reasons Your Company Should Go Primed

Great companies look after their staff. They know that their health (and that of their staff’s family) is an essential ingredient for the companies success. Happy and healthy staff equate to more productive and smarter employees.

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The Primed Lifestyle has a proven track record in improving productivity and staff satisfaction. It reverses Type 2 Diabetes, ADHD, obesity, asthma, PCOS among many other conditions. Health markers improve drastically.

Read about Primed Corporate success stories here.  Also here.

Here are some of the great activities that could be incorporated into your fun and educational Primed Wellness Seminar:

1.       INTRODUCTION: (a) Health and fitness goals; (b) Health history rating 1-10; (c) Gratitude exercise; (d) What do you “love too much?”; (e) “What do you want to do at 90?”; and (f)  Habits to improve…

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5 Ways Your Excessive Sporting Activities Could Harm You and Your Family

Is your pursuit of health hurting you and your family?

Are you spending lots of time away from your loved ones running and biking around in circles? Are you promoting cheap, processed carbs (sugar in your body) as a healthy way to “fuel” your excessive cardio? Are you chugging sugarade thinking it is good for you? If so, your children are watching and will probably copy your endeavor to be healthy that is more than likely not going to succeed in the long term.


The reason it is likely to be a failed endeavor long term is that proper health starts in the kitchen with exercise just a mere 2% of the equation. The smartest and healthiest minds on the planet are echoing these words and many people have tried and failed at the exercise more, eat less (or eat more carbs) model.

Please remember the real benefit of exercise and do not try and use it as a means of controlling your weight:

Running safety tips 1

The reason for your exercise is many factorial and could include: for fun, fitness, building strength, relaxation, stress relief, camaraderie, sense of achievement or even a little “me time”. It should never be at the expense of your health, sleep or even your family. It should never be done in a poor environment.

5 Ways Your Excessive Exercise Could Be Harming Your Family (Besides Yourself)

1. Time:

Anything lost can be found again except for time wasted!

If you are training too often then it is at the expense of time you could have spent with your family, cooking, recovering, learning a new skill or doing something you really love doing. This is where true enjoyment of life and living comes from.


You would be far better off spending time cooking and learning new recipes such as those in the cool cook book from Dr. William Davis of Wheat Belly fame.

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