One Primed Seminar with a Huge Impact

Primed Wellness seminars have been life changing for thousands of employees and their families thus far. Innovative and caring bosses know that a healthy and vibrant workforce is essential in these difficult times. The resulting increased productivity, employee moods and behaviors are proving to have a wonderful impact.

Here is just a quick snap shot of some fabulous positive health outcomes from my fun Primed Wellness seminar for the cool employees at Getz. Please read here for 30 Great Benefits of a Primed Lifestyle Experienced by my Corporate Clients.


Philip feels energized and lighter. He has shared his new Primed Lifestyle with his family and they too are gaining improved health outcomes. Primed is about sharing the love with your family, friends and colleagues! They too will be healthier, happier, more energized and smarter.

Philip is Philippine Basketball Association fan and was very happy to hear that Sean Anthony is also a Primed champ.

Sean Anthony

Excellent Trending Medical Results, Lost Weight and Feeling Great

Ave has better controlled blood pressure, lost 3 kilos, lower blood sugar and a much better cholesterol panel with higher HDL and lower Triglycerides. Keep up the amazing work Ave and you’ll experience a marked reduction in risk of cardiovascular problems.

Cholesterol Primed

Here’s the truth about Cholesterol and what to look for as a guide (in the light of a good ratio do not stress over Total Cholesterol or LDL):

Cholesterol Derek

Lastly, here’s the latest AMAZING (doctor’s words) from a cool Primed CEO.

amazing-cholesterol-ratios image

Less Sickly, Looking and Feeling So Much Better

Oscar is less congested and enjoying his eggs in the morning. How many eggs? Just go for it but ensure they are the best quality you can afford, cook in butter or coconut oil only and add your greens.

Losing Kilos and Lose Clothing!

Both Mon and Gani have lost 3 kilos plus each in less than a month and over Christmas season. Wow. What was their secret? Simple, avoid toxins like grains, sugar, veg oil, soy, corn, low fat crud and processed carbage whilst loving real food and drinks. They are both feeling and looking good. That’s great.

The seminars are always fun and even more so when delicious and nutritious food is included. The staff are usually amazed at how energized and not sleepy they are after loving their Primed nutrition.

My buddies from The Wholesome Table can help or I make Primed favorites depending on the size of the group. Seminars have ranged for 5 people to 300 hundred. I am looking forward to 1000 later this year.

Some of the excellent companies/organizations to feel a positive impact from the Primed Wellness seminar include Mt. Labo, Philinsure, TaskUs, De LA Salle, Accenture, Getz, The Tower club, Aura Hospitality Group, International School Manila (soon), St. Lukes, Philippine Airlines, Wine Depot, Soleus Philippines and more.

Maybe it is the right time to chat to your boss about a Primed Wellness seminar. My email is Cheers.

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