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One Primed Seminar with a Huge Impact

Primed Wellness seminars have been life changing for thousands of employees and their families thus far. Innovative and caring bosses know that a healthy and vibrant workforce is essential in these difficult times. The resulting increased productivity, employee moods and behaviors are proving to have a wonderful impact.

Here is just a quick snap shot of some fabulous positive health outcomes from my fun Primed Wellness seminar for the cool employees at Getz. Please read here for 30 Great Benefits of a Primed Lifestyle Experienced by my Corporate Clients.


Philip feels energized and lighter. He has shared his new Primed Lifestyle with his family and they too are gaining improved health outcomes. Primed is about sharing the love with your family, friends and colleagues! They too will be healthier, happier, more energized and smarter.

Philip is Philippine Basketball Association fan and was very happy to hear that Sean Anthony is also a Primed champ.

Sean Anthony

Excellent Trending Medical Results, Lost Weight and Feeling Great

Ave has better controlled blood pressure, lost 3 kilos, lower blood sugar and a much better cholesterol panel with higher HDL and lower Triglycerides. Keep up the amazing work Ave and you’ll experience a marked reduction in risk of cardiovascular problems.

Cholesterol Primed

Here’s the truth about Cholesterol and what to look for as a guide (in the light of a good ratio do not stress over Total Cholesterol or LDL):

Cholesterol Derek

Lastly, here’s the latest AMAZING (doctor’s words) from a cool Primed CEO.

amazing-cholesterol-ratios image

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7 Ways to Make Your 2016 Epic

Your New Year’s Eve resolutions are made but can you stick to it? Yes is the short answer so as to ensure an improved you in the new year.


Starting now you can make the rest of your life the best of your life. It is up to you.

You will be healthier and happier this year. You will get younger and fitter in mind and body!

Follow these key ingredients to ensure your 2016 is the best ever.

(1) Write out your work, life, fitness etc. goals and ensure they are somewhere prominent;


I personally want to: (a) Run a sub 3:25 marathon and qualify for Boston; (b) Help over a million people improve their life through Primed; (c) Get into meditative practices and yoga; and (d) Spend more quality time loving and enjoying my beautiful family; (e) Create wonderful Primed recipes that taste great, are easy to prepare and not expensive; (f) Do/use more: Lemons, fasting, laughing, gratitude exercises, public speaking, company speaking, networking, hugging, standing and walking; (g) Get more spice in my life!

What are your goals?  You have a better chance of success if you write them down and let people know.  

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Chad’s 10km Personal Best at New Balance Power Run in a Ketogenic Fasted State

39:39 for my new 10km personal best at the New Balance Fun Run.

New Balance Power Run

Only 10 people beat 40 minutes and I was glad to be one of them. Pretty sure I was the first white guy. Haha.

I did the 10km in a fasted state (no dinner or breakfast) and no water during the race. No worries as I was well nourished and hydrated beforehand. ‪#‎NewBalanceShoes‬ ‪#‎SanteBarleyTriTeam‬ ‪#‎SoleusPhilippines‬

I had fun meeting up with Sante Barley teammates Junrox and Chris. It is always cool catching up with Raul. He’s the man. Hoping to run a sub 3:25 at his Condura Skyway Marathon next year.

The Day After My Sub 40 Minute New Balance 10km Race I Ran 40km During a 30 Hour Fast (Easily)


Regular Intelligent Fasting rocks. It is only possible once Primed for your Life as your food satisfies you and energizes you so you can easily last the fast.

I ran 40km to and from potential Primed corporate clients in a fasted state. Only fueled by Primed Cinnamon Iced Coffee and a shot of Virgin Coconut Oil.

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Primed Kick Arse Green Smoothie

A Great Primed Green Smoothie is a perfect way to start your day. You get a fabulous boost of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to help power your body and brain all day. You will not get the sugar high and corresponding crash compared to those people eating sugar breakfasts such as breakfast cereal, toast, orange juice, noodles etc.


Supreme Smoothie

There are no exact quantities here as you mix and match to suit your own tastes.

Green vegetables: such as Pechay, Lettuce, Cabbage and Herbs

Seeds such as Pumpkin seeds and Chia seeds (both optional)

Liquid: Virgin coconut oil shot, Coconut milk, Water

Spices: Turmeric, Pepper and Himalayan salt

Aloe vera

Fresh ginger

Raw garlic

Fruit: Saba banana (optional and necessary if new to Primed Green Smoothies so as to add some sweetness).
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Ronald is Primed and Loving It – His Family Too

Ronald rocks. He is a great family man with a big heart. I am so proud that the Primed Lifestyle is helping make this top man’s heart stronger. Oh, his brain too. Doubly proud that because of Ronald’s great decision his family is also getting healthier too.

I had a great lunch at The Wholesome Table with Trimac teammates Ron, Chloe and Emerson

Ronald Primed Ronald teammates

We ate no bread but kept the butter to add into our food. Of course we had real food and not fake food like bread, pasta, noodles and other sugar cheap carbs.

Ronald Primed 5

Here is a 12 Point Summary of What Ron Said

1. Ron researched Primed LCHF after sustaining an injury training for triathlons because he wanted to ensure he would not gain excess weight. Ron had previously mistakenly believed that he had to exercise a lot to maintain a healthy weight but was soon to learn differently.

Ron running

Here is some of the delicious real food Ron ate to lose weight and regain health.

2. Ron found his food to be very filling and satisfying. Hence, he was not hungry at all and ate less.

3. Ron’s Acid Reflux disappeared. Cool.

4. Ron lost weight despite not exercising at all.

5. Ron’s inspiration was his beautiful family. He is pictured here with his beautiful wife Romina. Ron started his Primed/LCHF journey in March 2015.

Ronald and Romina
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Primed Jun de Castro is Thriving

After Just 5 Months Primed Down 7 Kilos and Doc Says “Stay Primed.”

“Hi Chad. For my 5 months of the Primed Lifestyle I lost 7 kilos. Sometimes I cheat with a cup of rice but to my dismay I can hardly finish it. My Doctor advise to continue my Primed Lifestyle. I just do brisk walking, marching in place and stretching my arms and neck. I feel great actually. Thank you mate.”

Bye Bye Arthritis

“Hi Chad I’m doing fine and follow your recipes and menus. I feel light and nonetheless no more arthritis pain…”

What You Eat Matters

Please remember, with everything you eat and drink you are either promoting:

(1) Anti-inflammatory fat burning mode; or

(2) Pro-inflammatory fat storing mode.

Less inflammation means less pains and faster recovery. More inflammation means more pain, slower recovery and a reduced immune system to not fight illness/disease as well as you should.

Etienne and Sarah staff
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Doing an Ironman Primed/Fat Adapted Compared to a Non-Primed Ironman

There is no such thing as an easy Ironman event. 3.8km swim, a 180km bike and then a 42.2km run is tough no matter how fit you are. There is wear and tear on your body before, during and after the event. It takes many hours of training and discipline to be able to complete one so you can say “I am an Ironman.” However, what if you train too much and do more harm than good?

What if you could achieve Ironman status with less wear and tear on your body, have faster recovery after training sessions and the event itself, be able to spend more time with your family and friends (as opposed to gaining what could be “junk” miles pounding the pavement), have less chance of injury and still have a better body (lighter and stronger) and sharper mind?

I have completed Japan Ironman (14:07:55) with the standard lots of hours training (20/week) and supposedly healthy diet (grains) and I have completed Malaysia Ironman (14:03:55) with less training hours (just 9/week) and a Primed Lifestyle (no grains/sugars etc.). I also weighed 10kg less and had more energy this way.

This post is to compare the two Ironman events in which one was Primed (Malaysia) and the other non-Primed (Japan).

Just as another comparison, I also completed Melbourne Ironman after Japan Ironman with 18 hours training a week and leading the Primed Lifestyle in 11:41:23. An improvement of 2 hours and 20 minutes in around 6 months.


Primed Food Compared with Non-Primed Food

Prior to Japan Ironman I was eating the SAD way. SAD is an acronym for Standard Australian Diet where we eats lots of carbs and sugar and think it’s healthy (the Government and dietitians actually recommend this which is why we are one of the most obese countries in the world). I was exercising 20 hours a week, was more susceptible to injury, was often very tired and was 73 kilos.

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Jenson Button is a Lower Carb Superstar F1 Driver and Triathlete

Low-Carb Athletes: Jenson Button

Jensen with Lyka

All information and quotes from here unless stated otherwise.

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20 Pounds in 2 Months for Primed Always Smiling Bhong

When you give freely you receive more back in return. You receive great pride, satisfaction and personal joy.


Bhong gives me a wonderful smile and great joy whenever I see him near the Bel-Air gate along Jupiter Street. I love Bhong. I love his smile, personality and the fact he is always happy. I have learn’t a lot from Bhong since we first met and became friends over 2 years ago.

Bhong Smiley

Giving Back to Bhong

It had been my absolute pleasure to impart some Primed knowledge to Bhong as I have tried to inspire him to become more healthy.

Amazingly I almost didn’t recognize the new slimmer Bhong when I saw him today. He has lost 20 pounds in 2 months and is looking great.

Bhong Cadelina1

Looking Great but Feeling Even Better

Bhong adopted the Primed Lifestyle in early 2015 and besides his weight loss he has fixed his painful gout foot that was affecting his life and happiness. His uric acid is now in check and the pain has gone. By giving up grains and greatly reducing his rice and sugar Bhong has reduced the inflammation in his body. Bhong is eating more nutrient dense foods like eggs, kangkong and malunggay.

Bhong said he has a lot more energy, feels stronger and has less aches and pains than ever.

Legaspi Sunday Market_Primed_for_your_Life_produce

Why Is Bhong Always Smiling?

I asked Bhong why he always smiles and is so full of the joys of life. His answer was simple and yet profound. He said it is because “People like it”. Bhong loves to give and share his smile. This is what inspired me to help him out with some running gear so he can enjoy the joys of walking and/or running once his food gives him the energy to do so.
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50km in 3 hours 57 with No Carbs – Yes, it’s Possible! Meet Primed Ultra Marathon Champion Andy Pope

Written by Ultra Marathon Running Champ Andy Pope

“Age 45… 50km on no carbs… in 3hrs 57… 1st place

Really? Yes, really.

Andy and Jeff Suazo

A Primed/Lower Carb, Higher Healthy Fat (LCHF) lifestyle will probably make you a stronger runner. One thing is a certainty though, it will make you a healthier runner. It is not a magic cure or a fast track to the podium – I should add to the title that I train five or six times a week and have been running and racing a long while; Primed/LCHF is a part of the formula and illustrates what is possible. Running and racing are an individual journey and if you transition to a Primed lifestyle this will become a part of your journey. Yes – lifestyle – not “diet”; the vast majority of traditional “diets” fail. Diets imply short term, largely unenjoyable ways to lose weight. The Primed focus is long term health, a permanent change – Weight loss, increased energy levels and how you feel will all take care of themselves in time.


You will have to throw out some traditional thinking along with pasta and rice when you start the journey. You are possibly used to running/exercise to control weight, or at least that is what you think you are doing. You will now eat (more) to control weight and health and run to de-stress, train for a race or just get outside… but calorie counting is out along with carbs and sugar.

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