Primed Cinnamon Iced Coffee with Coconut Milk

I love a nice Primed Coffee. It is either a double espresso or a Primed Iced Coffee in the Philippines heat.

I even made sure to have a Primed Iced Coffee waiting for me in my fridge after my Malaysian Ironman and Melbourne Ironman. This great drink served a dual purpose as: (a) A drink to look forward to after the race; and (b) To aid my recovery due to the great fats in the coconut milk.

Ingredients 1: Primed Cinnamon Iced Coffee

Iced  Cinnamon Coffee ingredients

6 teaspoons of coffee
1/2 glass of home-made coconut milk
2 glasses of water
ground cinnamon spice
ice cubes

We use cinnamon sticks bought from an Indian grocery shop along Jupiter Street and then grind them in our grinder. You can also buy the cinnamon shaker from the spice rack where you normally shop.

It is Very Easy to Make your Own Coconut Milk

See how easy here.

Ingredients 2: Iced Coffee with Coconut Sugar

Iced Coffee ingredients

6 teaspoons of coffee
1/2 glass of coconut milk
2 glasses of water
coconut sugar to taste (or quality honey) – both optional only
ice cubes


Pretty simple of course but I dissolve my coffee in a little hot water, add ice cubes, add coconut milk, add cinnamon (or coconut sugar or both) and add water. Then stir and serve. Easy, yet delicious and nutritious.

It is an excellent accompaniment for a Primed breakfast.

Iced Coffee Breakfast

Eggs and bacon are always a favorite in the morning with my Primed Cinnamon Iced Coffee.

Iced coffee brunch pic

Equally fabulous is chicken thigh topped with tomato and grilled cheese on a bed of chili zucchini “noddles” with my Primed Cinnamon Iced Coffee.

The health benefits of Coconut Milk are very long and far reaching.


The health Benefits of Cinnamon are Similarly Extensive


Coconut Oil Rocks Too

I often have a shot of Virgin Coconut Oil before having my Primed Iced Coffee. If I have my coffee hot then I put the shot into my black coffee with a splash of coconut milk.

Friendly advice: Do not add coconut oil to your Primed Cinnamon Iced Coffee. It becomes solid and is not easy or pleasant to drink cold. I have made this very mistake before. Twice!

Coconut liquid breakfast

Having a delicious Primed Cinnamon Iced Coffee is very filling and satisfying and can even serve as a meal replacement for breakfast if you wanted to slowly ease yourself into Regular Intelligent Fasting and experience the unique health benefits associated with it.

Some other great reasons to fast include the way it helps regulate your insulin as explained in this fabulous graph provided by Washington Dr. Ted Naiman from Burn Fat Not Sugar.

Berns was Burn Fat Not Sugar

Dr. Ted’s graph is backed up by the slide of Canadian Dr. Jason Fung who cures his patients of their Type 2 Diabetes.

Diabetes Cure Dr. Jason Fung

Please let me know if you like this Primed Coffee and your variation on it.


Iced Coffee With Coconut Milk

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