Primed Organic Fried VCO Egg Stack

What is better than eating an egg for breakfast? Eating 4 eggs is better, especially when delicious and nutritious Primed ingredients are layered in between.


Of course, you do not have to stack as I have shown above with Edgy Veggy Mushroom Tapenade and Sardines in Olive oil.

See Primed Egg Stacks  Examples Below:


I read that we should use small plates to lose weight. Haha. We never, ever count calories. That is a waste of time and pointless. We just eat nutritiously & deliciously when hungry. Simple. Coconut Oil fried Eggs with Kimchi & Cheese. Primed Cinnamon Iced Coffee with Coconut Milk. Eat real food and you’ll reach your ideal weight (with other Primed environmental factors in place too).


Home-made Laing Egg “Sandwich”. So good. Recipe based on this one from Tricia but I added turmeric:

Go Primed and you never count calories (a ridiculous waste if time) and you eat fabulously well (and then again only when hungry). Simple.

VCO fried egg stack

Primed Davao egg stack. Primed VCO fried egg, Davao avocado, fried egg, Davao tomato (20 pesos per kilo) and then a fried egg. Really tasty with pepper & Himalayan salt. #justeatrealfood#primedforyourlife #davaorocks #avocado #eggstack#breadisdead #grainsequalsugar#sugarleadstoinflammation#inflammationleadstodisease#wheatpoisonedbeforeharvest

VCO Fried Egg stack2

Delicious Primed breakfast stack of 5 Primed Organic VCO fried free-range eggs, lettuce and anchovies. Am I worried about cholesterol. Of course, I want it as high as it is an essential component of cell membranes. Cholesterol makes up to 70% of the structure of the brain. You want high HDL and low triglycerides. Ideally the ratio is less than 2:1. My Hi-Precision test just in reveals my ratio is less than .3. 1:1 is very good. Mine is a lot lower than that and indicates excellent cardiovascular health. Yippie. All Primed clients improve this ratio. All Primed clients show proof of improved cardiovascular health. That rocks.

VCO Fried egg stack3

A hearty Primed breakfast stack of nori, Primed Organic VCO fried egg, home-made tomato sauce, nori seaweed, fried egg, tomato, fried egg and finally tuyo. Will see me through until tomorrow as I have 7 Primed meetings throughout the day. Too busy to eat and too smart to grab bad, convenient carbage.


A Primed egg stack rocks with home-made tomato sauce and quality European cheese.

VCO Fried Egg stack1

Post eccentric gym muscle building fuel. Primed egg stack: 5 eggs fried in Primed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil with layers of nori sheets. So delicious.



Primed Egg Stack Flat. Haha. With home-made tomato sauce, anchovies and a cheesy mushroom.


From Primed Joanne: “We can’t eat burgers with bread bun any more. So here’s for dinner – Cheesy Egg Bun with Fried Dried Dulong (both cooked in coconut oil – try Minola or vco) & Lettuce.

Stay away from rice, bread, pasta and noodles. And eat more eggs! 😊 Eat real food and eat only when you’re hungry – forget about merienda when you’re still full. No cravings if you dont take carbage and too much sugar.

Why?! Find out at Or better yet, have Chad Davis as your wellness coach. This is not a sponsored post – sharing this because it works so well for your body.” #primedforyourlife

Eccentric Gym at pool

Easy to get in a little Primed eccentric exercise in. Did my Gironda dip by the pool with 30 seconds down, 30 seconds hold once down and then 30 seconds back up. Did twice then back to lunch. Too easy. More effective than 50 fast dips! Primed is about quality over quantity. Email me at if you are interested to go Primed.


Here’s My Cholesterol Results that smart (disease reversing) doctors in the US share and know are excellent.

Cholesterol Primed

Primed Andy Pope is the only person I know with results as good as mine.

Cholesterol Panel



















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