Type 2 Diabetes REVERSED. Fact. Filam Nurses Darlene and Leo THRIVING Primed. This could be you. It’s EASY….

From Primed Darlene and Leo, two fabulous Filipinos working as nurses in California:

“Hello Chad,

Look how Primed transformed our lives for the past 6 months!!

Leo is now:

– T2D free (reversible with Primed)

– Lower BP

– Off meds from T2D, Hypertension

– A1C 6.6 (best ever in the last 11 years)

– Dizziness/ligthheadedness GONE!!

– More energized

– No food deprivation

– Feeling lighter

– Deep sleep

-Carbage ALLERGY!


And me:

-Lost 23 lbs. without exercise YET!

-Feeling lighter

-More energized

-Migraine GONE!

-No food deprivation

-Short but deep sleep (still working to change shift work)

— Above all, we’re enjoying our shopping with smaller sizes clothes.

Thank you Chad for helping us living on a Primed Lifestyle.

Cheers to Primed forever!!

Leo & Darlene


Darlene Staples Lubiano

Hello guys, how are you?

We woke up with super great news!!!!

Ahhhhhh…… just so happy to share it with you. Leo’s A1C dropped down to almost normal. He started with a1c 6.9 on meds. After 3 months on primed diet, a1c went up sky high 7.7. His doctor got mad. She wants Leo to take back all his meds to protect his kidney. Leo said give me 3 more months…

And guess what…… aic now…. normal…. yahooooo!!!!

Chad, Leo is now your living testimony that T2D is reversible. Primed rocks!!!!


Hi Chad, forgot to mention. Add to my list, dysmenorrhea gone! Thanks.

Period Pain


Darlene Staples Lubiano

Ta jing i lost 22 lbs now. No exercise. I really need to do exercise to lose more.. ok ok ok… soo excited!! I’ll stay at the back so peeps won’t see me that I don’t know how to dance 😩😩 

From Chad: No Darlene, you do not need to exercise to lose more. that is a lie and a myth. Exercise only if you feel energetic and convenient. Never exercise in the wrong environment, at the expense of sleep or fueled with carbage!

Darlene Staples Lubiano

Lol… i know!!! My uniform is super big na and my co workers are so amazed with my wt lose. But i want more like you lol… you’re super skinny Judith!!!! (Read about Primed Judith here).

Hello Chad, excellent to do’s for nov and dec. We’re 8/10. We don’t do #4 and #7 haha.. The rest are perfect! We’re doing well. Feeling great, light and more energy. Less hungry. No cravings/temptation for carbage! Blood sugars still on the normal range. We love intermittent fasting. Primed rocks! See you soon.

Some of their wonderfully Primed food:


Darlene Staples Lubiano – Hello Chad, Leo’s Primed Dinner. Chicken eggplant lasagna. Cheers!


Primed Gourmet Pizza.


Primed Omelettes rock.



Great food does not have to be difficult or expensive.

Leo and Darlene, I will give you guys some Primed Organic Centrifuged Virgin Coconut Oil when we see you this month. You deserve it.


We will have a great lunch with the most beautiful super model who influenced you to go Primed. We always eat at The Wholesome Table because they have great Primed food, service and ambiance.


From Chad: “Wow, what an amazing difference one year can make. So happy I went Soleus. So happy Judith,David G. Arnold, Leo and Darlene and other Soleus teammates like Kerwin, Running Jack, RochelleErnest and Cha and more went Primed.”


Primed Rochelle and Judith.


Primed Kerwin.

RunningJack Morales

Primed RunningJack Morales.

Ernest and Cate before and after


Primed Ernest and Cha.


Judith amazing

Wellness Coach CHAD DAVIS and his family family (Natasha, Lauren & Christian) are now part of the Soleus Family.

We all look forward to running with you at the Soleus Run For The Aspins, Corregidor Marathon, Condura Skyway Marathon and hopefully during international races as well!

We wish you and your family a warm welcome 🙂#primednutritionfeedsyourbrain #sunshineisenergy#energyislife#energyislifelifeisenergy #energyislife�� #soleusph


If your team or company wants a life changing Primed seminar or long-term coaching please contact me at 0929-421-2148 or chad.davis.1@gmail.com.

Corregidor Marathon14


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