Primed Ernest and Che Keep Inspiring

From Ernest and Che –

“Hi Chad, I just like to say thank you for introducing primedforyourlife to us. Since we have started to be primed it has changed our life for the better.

We are now healthier and stronger. Before we were Primed we usually gain weight after a long race, most specially if its more than 21km. We often eat a lot after each and every race have joined. In 2014 and 2015 were able to join races almost every month thus it helped in a way in burning the food that we have eaten. Until the we started to follow primed on the 4th week of October 2015. Since then we have never looked back.”

Ernest and Cate before

“This picture shows I gained 10lbs in just almost 4 weeks. Cardimax (50km) was in September and RUPM(42km) was in October 2015. After the Cardimax race we just ate and ate as for some reason our body seemed to be just asking and asking for food.”

Ernest and Cate pic

And even after 1 week from our RUPM race we still gained weight.

Ernest and Cate Corregidor


Condura and Corregidor marathon are also 1 month apart. But you will notice that we have maintained our body weight on both races.

Condura was the first time we only used Primed VCO, nuts and honey during the race. And we were able to finish it!
Condura was our last long race, after Condura we have not participated in any long runs. But guess what we are still able to maintain our weight by just eating the right food. Eat fats to burn fats.”

Ernest and Cate after

“The only recent race we have joined was the BIM after our 42km in condura.
Even though we have are not that active in running as we were before, we are still able to remain healthy and strong. Able to maintain the ideal weight with minimal exercise.”

Sick vs healthy

Ernest and Cate before and after

Congratulations Ernest and Che. You are an inspiration to so many.

Ernest used to love bread.

“I did not have a hard time adjusting to Primed because I am not eating rice since Jan 2013.  But before i switched to Primed I was eating a lot of bread and I am not using Primed VCO

I feel a whole lot better since I switched to Primed.”

Wheat sucks2

However, I explained that Wheat = sugar = poison. The grains cause the following:
(1) Leaky gut = holes in stomach due to the gluten in grains. Would you drink a glass of water with bits of glass i it?;
(2) Brain permeability = a lot of Alzheimer’s, ADHD etc. these day right? Remember, your gut and brain are linked. Your brain is 65% fat;
(3) Huge sugar spike = inflammation and fat storage and ultimately insulin resistance = Type 2 Diabetes once we eat too many cheapo carbs;
(4) Nutrient deficiency due to high calories but no proper nutrition = over fed (fat) yet undernourished (O&U – sick);
(5) Stimulates your appetite so you eat more due to opiate qualities in bread, pasta, noodles etc.;
(6) Does not fill you up and actually switches off your feeling full switch (leptin) so you eat more;
(7) Leaches nutrients from your body so you are even more Overfed & Undernourished;
(8) Blocks absorption of nutrients into your body. Hence, just because you ate it it does not mean the nutrients were absorbed. Grains stop the absorption. Yikes;
(9) Are chemical monstrosities made in a lab then factory. A scientist played with different genes of wheat grass to come up with the Frankenfood they call bread, pasta and noodles!;
(10) Are indigestible to humans and ruin your digestive system. They must be highly processed to be digested;
(11) Affect your immune system so you can no longer fight disease. How can you fight disease when you are eating nutrient deficient, nutrient leaching grass that spikes your blood sugar higher than sugar?
(12) Grains are the seeds of grasses. Cows have four legs and are adapted to eat grass. Humans have 2 legs and are not adapted to eat grass. Sadly, when we feed grains to cows they get sick then fat. Oops, just like humans.
(13) They are POISONED before harvesting. Ok, so, you want to eat the seeds of grasses and are cool with letting the factory processes them highly just so you can have a sandwich. However, did you know the wheat is sprayed with a poison called Round Up before harvesting? The glyphosate in Round Up is not something you want in your sandwich, but it is. This glyphosate is a poison that hurts you.
Wheat sucks4
(14) Grains make you HUNGRY. You will be hungrier when including grains with your food because your increased blood sugar means increased insulin. Insulin is a fat storage hormone. So, now your blood stream has less nutrients (stored as fat, leaked through gut and blocked absorption) and your brain FORCES you to eat more because it thinks you are starving. Not cool.
(15) Extra water weight due to increased inflammation. The sugar (grains = sugar) causes inflammation so your body retains water to deal with this. Extra water weight is not something you want.
(16) You get HANGRY. That’s a bad combo of HUNGRY and ANGRY. Blood sugar is spiked when eating sugar bread, pasta and noodles. What goes up must some down so the crash wreaks your mood. Your blood sugar crashes below normal.
(17) When you are hungry more often you eat more, snack more and think of food more often. Here, you are living to eat as opposed to eating to live. There is an opportunity cost of the time you wasted cooking, buying, thinking and eating all that extra nutrient deficient carbage. Just eat real food and you’ll be more satisfied, less hungry and will not have to eat as much or as often. You can spend your time more productively.
(18) Do not support fake food companies that lie in their marketing campaigns as they target you and your children with their rubbish products. If only they spent as much money on developing proper, nutritious food. Support real food farmers and producers.
(19) Grains = sugar = harms your teeth and gums. Floss and brush all you want but you cannot brush away a bad diet. 🙂



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