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Primed Ernest and Che Keep Inspiring

From Ernest and Che –

“Hi Chad, I just like to say thank you for introducing primedforyourlife to us. Since we have started to be primed it has changed our life for the better.

We are now healthier and stronger. Before we were Primed we usually gain weight after a long race, most specially if its more than 21km. We often eat a lot after each and every race have joined. In 2014 and 2015 were able to join races almost every month thus it helped in a way in burning the food that we have eaten. Until the we started to follow primed on the 4th week of October 2015. Since then we have never looked back.”

Ernest and Cate before

“This picture shows I gained 10lbs in just almost 4 weeks. Cardimax (50km) was in September and RUPM(42km) was in October 2015. After the Cardimax race we just ate and ate as for some reason our body seemed to be just asking and asking for food.”

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Primed Dark Chocolate Honey Bar

I had a secret weapon for my Condura Skyway 21km Run Race.  It was my Primed Dark Chocolate Honey Bar.  It was a great pre-race fuel source and a cool reward for my best half-marathon time.

This was my first 21km road race and I really enjoyed it.  It was great to meet friends like Tessa Valdez and achieve my sub 3 hour goal of 2:55:04 to come in number 2300 out of 4300 plus runners.

Great to see you at the run Tessa.

Thanks to Ton and Raul Concepcion for a wonderfully organized race.  I am looking forward to improving my 21km time next year already.  Or maybe I’ll try the marathon?


CiCou Primed Chocolate ingredients
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Condura Skyway Race Report: Stronger, Faster, Younger, Primed.

The gun shot at midnight to herald the start of the Condura Skyway marathon had extra significance for all of the 5000 plus marathon runners that morning. The gun shot was symbolic of the loss of the 44 Fallen PNP-SAF members. They are heroes who died for freedom and peace. May you all Rest in Peace and your families gain strength from your sacrifice. We all salute and respect you.

Condura 44 Fallen PNP-SAF members

Running for a Cause – Congratulations Raul Concepcion aka RunningShield

Thanks to the vision and integrity of Raul Concepcion we had an event to honor our heroes. The fallen 44 and the current serving and retired armed forces were at the forefront of our minds and hearts.

Condura Joey

Like the thousands of others I ran with a heavy heart as I thought of them. I also reflected on my other heroes and was thinking of my Dad, my hero, Charles Davis. He adopted and adored my brother and I and was a great man. I ran that morning wearing his ring. It was quite prophetic that at the 28km mark I was joined by a guy called Charles, the only person whom I ran with for a few kilometers as he kept my steady pace of 4:58 for the entire marathon.  I took it as symbolic that my Dad was with me for the race and I knew in my heart that I would finish the race strongly.

Dad - Charles John Davis
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Marathon Friend’s Running Tips – Stay Positive – Raul Concepcion aka Running Shield

Besides the “Runner’s High” one of the joys of running is meeting and making friends with other runners. You get to meet some amazing people from all walks of life who are united in their love of running. You learn a lot from these inspiring individuals and we are delighted that Raul Concepcion aka Running Shield has passed on some marathon racing tips for us all for the first part of our series of Marathon Friend’s Running Tips.

Running friends_Raul in Macao
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