Primed Dark Chocolate Honey Bar

I had a secret weapon for my Condura Skyway 21km Run Race.  It was my Primed Dark Chocolate Honey Bar.  It was a great pre-race fuel source and a cool reward for my best half-marathon time.

This was my first 21km road race and I really enjoyed it.  It was great to meet friends like Tessa Valdez and achieve my sub 3 hour goal of 2:55:04 to come in number 2300 out of 4300 plus runners.

Great to see you at the run Tessa.

Thanks to Ton and Raul Concepcion for a wonderfully organized race.  I am looking forward to improving my 21km time next year already.  Or maybe I’ll try the marathon?


CiCou Primed Chocolate ingredients

½ cup  Honey
100g 70% dark Choclate (Valrohna chocolate guanaja or other quality 70% plus dark chocolate)
20g Macdamia Nuts
15g Walnuts
20g Almond Nuts
15g Pistachio Nuts
20g Dried Apricots
15g Dried Figs
10g Dried Cranberries
15g Raisins

Dark Chocolate Honey Bar


Candy Thermometer
Wire Whisk
Pan and wax paper
Rolling Pin


1. Roast the nuts in the oven at 10ᵒ C for 6 minutes or until fragrance of the nuts comes out.

2. Let the nuts get cool then chop finely.  Finely chop your Dark Chocolate at this stage too.

3. Chop the dried fruits as well then combine with the nuts.

CiCou Primed Chocoate equipment2

4. In a small pan, place the honey and put on a low fire. Let it boil first before whisking it.

5. After whisking the boiling honey, place the candy thermometer and wait until it reaches 135ᵒC or till it becomes caramel in color.

6. Once the caramelized honey is finished put in the dark chocolate and whisk until it melts.

CiCou Primed Chocolate ingredients5

7. Then add the dried fruits and nuts mixture.

CiCou Primed Choc method

8. Transfer the mixture onto a silpat mat. If a silpat is not availabe place the mixture in flat pan with wax paper instead.

Silpat is the brand name of a silicone mat from Sasa Demarle Inc. used in baking and in the production of candy to provide a non-stick surface without fat or parchment paper. Silpat non-stick baking mats are made in France with high-quality exclusive meshed silicone.

9. Flatten the surface of the mixture using the rolling pin.

10. Place the mixture in the fridge. Let it set before cutting it evenly in to desired size.

Primed Chocolate Caramel Honey Power Run

Bon Appétit!

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