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PCOS, Hypertension and Asthma Reversed. A cool story of a fabulous Primed family after just 6 weeks.

“I hope a lot of women will try this lifestyle because I know a lot of women are suffering from PCOS and they’re having a hard time getting pregnant. It was just less than a month of being Primed for me! And tada!!!

After years of trying, we are suddenly expecting a baby this year! 🙂

But really, thank you, Chad! Primed is the way to go! It is priceless!!! Our baby is definitely priceless! I can’t thank you enough, Chad for introducing this Lifestyle to us.”


PCOS gone

How Marie, Marcus and Lexi Went Primed

I love fate. Because Judith Staples is our Primed buddy Lauren & I ran this 10km Soleus Philippines race. Because Lauren is Primed she ran well and we met up with Marie Ong at the end of her 21km Soleus race.

We chatted briefly. The very next day Marie, Marcus & Lexi went Primed for your Life at The Wholesome Table (thanks again Bianca Araneta-Elizalde ). I guaranteed Marcus, Marie and Lexie Ong will rock it. They will save money too. They will live longer and better.

Marie Ong rocks
Medicines, Supplements and Excessive Exercise are NOT the Answer

Lexi is a true champ who is delighted to no longer have asthma and super happy to be a big sister soon.

Marie Ong family Lexi

From Marie, wife of Marcus

I’m so proud of my husband! He lost more than 15 lbs in one month! I’m so happy we decided to change our lifestyle. “WHY SO GWAPO???😍😍

😍 #kilig  #kerengkeng  #PrimedLifestyle  #Primedforyourlife  #inlovesiate hahaha!

Marie Ong family after

Marcus has:

  • More energy
  • Is sleeping better
  • Will soon be off hypertensive meds
  • Has a big tick of approval for his Primed Lifestyle from his cool cardiologist
  • Has better skin
  • Now knows that he does not need excessive exercise to get to optimal health
  • Has a bigger smile!!

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Franky and Family THRIVING Primed. 60+ Pounds Gone in Less than 60 Day. ** Energy and better living gained. **

Primed works. Simple. 

Franky and his family present further proof that we can all be healthier and happier no matter our ages, sex, current circumstances or individual challenges.

Just a few short weeks ago Franky and his family met me at The Wholesome Table Estancia. 

From left to right is cutie Franko, Nikoy, Franky, Melo, Chad, Ingrid and Karla. They collectively decided that they were sick of being sick and tired of being tired. They wanted more energy, better health and happiness. I promised them that and 5 weeks later I HAVE BEEN PROVEN RIGHT YET AGAIN. You beauty.


Here’s a Summary of their Progress

Franky’s Dad Melo is rocking it Primed.

He loves it and WILL NOT be going backwards again.

  • Melo has lost more than 20 pounds in the weeks since our meeting where I outlines the simple protocols to take to turn his life around
  • Melo DID NO EXERCISE to lose these 20 pounds as exercise is something you do ONLY once you have fixed your energy imbalance and sleep
  • Melo feels lighter and better
  • Melo has better sleep (sleep equates to life and energy)
  • Melo is healthier, happier and more alert and alive
  • Melo’s gout is disappearing and will soon be a thing of the past
  • Melo’s belt has come in 2 notches
  • Melo has no limited his intake of food but simply improved the quality
  • Melo is enjoying the sun more
  • Melo followed other Primed protocols reserved for Primed clients who decide they want to live longer, better lives
  • Melo no has a chin you can see. haha


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Type 2 Diabetes REVERSED. Fact. Filam Nurses Darlene and Leo THRIVING Primed. This could be you. It’s EASY….

From Primed Darlene and Leo, two fabulous Filipinos working as nurses in California:

“Hello Chad,

Look how Primed transformed our lives for the past 6 months!!

Leo is now:

– T2D free (reversible with Primed)

– Lower BP

– Off meds from T2D, Hypertension

– A1C 6.6 (best ever in the last 11 years)

– Dizziness/ligthheadedness GONE!!

– More energized

– No food deprivation

– Feeling lighter

– Deep sleep

-Carbage ALLERGY!


And me:

-Lost 23 lbs. without exercise YET!

-Feeling lighter

-More energized

-Migraine GONE!

-No food deprivation

-Short but deep sleep (still working to change shift work)

— Above all, we’re enjoying our shopping with smaller sizes clothes.

Thank you Chad for helping us living on a Primed Lifestyle.

Cheers to Primed forever!!

Leo & Darlene


Darlene Staples Lubiano

Hello guys, how are you?

We woke up with super great news!!!!

Ahhhhhh…… just so happy to share it with you. Leo’s A1C dropped down to almost normal. He started with a1c 6.9 on meds. After 3 months on primed diet, a1c went up sky high 7.7. His doctor got mad. She wants Leo to take back all his meds to protect his kidney. Leo said give me 3 more months…

And guess what…… aic now…. normal…. yahooooo!!!!

Chad, Leo is now your living testimony that T2D is reversible. Primed rocks!!!!

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Primed Zudles with Garlic Prawns. Oh so delicious.

What’s better than garlic prawns at the beach? Only Primed Garlic Prawns on a bed of zudles.


  • Virgin coconut oil (Primed Organic Centrifuged VCO rocks!)
  • Garlic
  • Prawns
  • Zucchini

Zudles with Prawns


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DJ Serr Chief dropped 5+ Kilos in 3 weeks and also all Hypertension meds.

I first met DJ Serr Chief in mid-August at the V81 radio studio and we hit it off straight away. He decided to trust Primed Chad and went Primed straight away.

Serr John b&a

On the first day we met I did a survey on the health of Serr Chief

The points to note is that Serr Chief had the following:

  • Poor skin quality (he rated his as 6/10)
  • Poor stomach definition with obvious visceral fats
  • Lack of energy in the morning (6.5/10) and afternoon (6/10)
  • Poor outlook on his health at only 5/10 due to anxiety/stress issues
  • Eyes lacked vitality and rated at 7/10 by Serr Chief
  • Sleep rated 8/10
  • Overall health rated 8/10
  • Taking Hypertension meds (what are the side effects?)
  • Hungry at night
  • Exercising 4 times a week for 1 hour
  • Had a Triglyceride to HDL ratio of a high 5:34 (with 2:1 acceptable and 1:1 ideal -mine is .3)
  • Triglycerides of 187 (way too high)
  • HDL of 35 (too low)
  • LDL and Total Cholesterol (not really relevant in my opinion given the importance of the ratio mentioned above)

Serr John and Chad Sept 3

After Just 3 Weeks Here’s What happened:

Serr Chief has lost 5.2 kilos and is now 55.5 kilos down from 60.7 kilos.

  • Skin quality improved (now 9/10 from a lowly 6/10)
  • Stomach improved with obvious visceral fats going (hence 5.2 kilos gone)
  • A lot more energy in the morning (now 9/10 from 6.5/10) and afternoon (now 9/10 from an unacceptable 6/10)
  • Amazingly improved outlook on his health which is now 10/10 when it was only 5/10 due to anxiety/stress issues
  • Eyes now have vitality and now rated 8/10 when only at 7/10 by Serr Chief before. he is using his glasses less.
  • Sleep improved and now rated at 9/10 when previously rated at 8/10  3 weeks ago
  • Overall health improved and now rated at 9/10 when previously rated 8/10

  • Was taking Hypertension meds. No more DRUGS.
  • Will save over half a million pesos in his life time by not taking these drugs any more.
  • Was hungry at night and not any more
  • Not exercising as much as previously (4 times a week for 1 hour) with more time in the kitchen and walking in the sun.
  • Had a Triglyceride to HDL ratio of a high 5:34 (with 2:1 acceptable and 1:1 ideal -mine is .3). Will share the new ratios when we get the results. 🙂 They will show lower Triglycerides and higher HDL.
  • Serr Chief loves his new Primed lifestyle and knows he can maintain it for the rest of his life.
  • Serr Chief’s Mum will also go Primed in Bacalod. Cool.
  • His sister May Flor and brother-in-law Jed are now Primed.

May and Jed

Serr Chief with his beautiful girlfriend Jordan.

Serr John w gf

So many individuals, families and companies are going Primed. Why? Because it is the future for great health, improved energy, productivity and happiness. I predict that I can write the Primed success story of a May and Jed within two months.
May’s brother Serr John Mark-Rejas Mercano already has a lot more energy and will be off his meds shortly. This is after 3 weeks Primed. Do you want to thrive or merely survive?

Serr John and Chad Sept

Primed for your Life V81 radio every Saturday from 5pm till 6pm. Worldwide audience of cool people wanting to thrive health wise. All at V81 radio are passionate about helping Pinoys to live longer and better. 3 Primed people in this pic. All healthy and happy. That’s Primed. #v81radio #primedforyourlife#sunshineisenergy #energyislife❤️ #eatrealfood
Primed v81 radio


So, what did Serr Chief do to get healthy?

He ate real Primed food like seafood, eggs, quality fats like coconut oil, green veg and other Filipino veggies.

He avoided fake food like grains, sugar, veg oil, soy, packet carbage, potatoes, corn legumes and sugar drinks.

Serr John food1


Serr John food2


Serr John food3


Zudles with Prawns

Serr John food7


Serr John11


Primed Judith reversed Hypertension. So many have by going Primed. You can too.

From my friend Primed Judith:

“Sending you a Before & After photos. This is a 9-month period (November 2015 and July 2016)  but I have been the latter for the last 2 months. From 76kg to 59kg is no joke 🙂

Thank you for helping me with my transformation. The weight loss is amazing (as I am still losing bits of lbs with my dancing ) but eliminating my hypertensive meds was really the best!”

Soleus hip hop dancing


What an amazing difference Judith made to her life in just 12 months. The weight loss is irrelevant compared to having more energy, mental clarity, confidence, happiness and to be now fighting disease. Go Primed and make the rest of your life the best of your life.



“Thank you, Chad. I can’t thank you enough for spotting me at the 1st Aspin Race last Oct 10 at Camp Aguinaldo. I am constantly being asked and always eager to share the Primed for your Life nutrition. Those who believe are now enjoying the health benefits as well and they feel great too.”

“Loving & enjoying the health benefits of a PRIMED LIFESTYLE!

* Reduced Blood Sugar
* Lower Blood Pressure
* Body inflammation – GONE!
* Normalized my sleeping schedule
* Deep Sleep
* More Energized
* Improved mood / behavior
* No feeling of food deprivation
* No hunger anxiety attacks
* Inch loss & weight loss even without the exercise YET – my favorite part smile emoticon

Thank you, Chad Davis! I could not ask for a better Wellness Coach.”

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