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Famous Primed Couples Amazing Success after Just 1 month – T2D almost reversed.

“Hi Chad:
Reporting our developments of being primed for a month!

“ R“ for a month (famous clients so cannot disclose who because they asked me not to):

1. he has not eaten any CARBAGE because he knows it’s not good for him.
2. he has lost 15 lbs! WOW!
3. and lost a few cm. off his waistline. another WOW!
4. his snoring is down to signal no.1 from signal no. 4 haha what a relief 🙂
5. his blood sugar lowest at 138 but we are still working on it. it’s a lot of improvement as compared to highest at 243 before primed.
6. he does not feel hungry.
7. he has lots of energy.
8. he is not sleep deprived.
9. happily shopping for clothes kept in the cabinet for a long time, now he can fit into his “5 years ago” clothes. 🙂
oh Chad i forgot to add:
10. BMI from Class 1 Obese he is now Overweight
11. bout of Asthma is lesser and almost nil
12. his watch is now circling around his wrist and needs to have his watch adjusted.
🙂 🙂 #primednutritionfeedsyourbrain#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter#sunshineisenergy☀️ #energyislife❤️#brownskinrocks🌟🌟

Form famous Primed ”A” (must keep identity a secretly from paoarazzi):

1. blood sugar lowest at 81
2. lost 12 lbs
3. lost 7 cm off my waistline
4. acid reflux gone
5. always in a good mood.
6. happy and we see results and our clothes fits well.

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Rodriguez Sisters (Jeremy, Jovy & Pamela) are INSPIRATIONAL

  • Inspired by sister Jeremy, Pamela and Jovy started making some Primed changes
  • No more fake foods like TOXIC veg oil, GMO soy, sugar, glyphosate POISONED grains (most breads, pastas and noodles) and definitely NOTHING low fat
  • More cool, real foods that satisfy and satiate like egss, butter, green vegetables, coconut oil etc.
  • More sun because they now know that sunshine is energy and energy is life

They have all noticed the following:

  • More energy
  • No need for Type 2 Diabetes medications any more. Yippie.
  • Saving money
  • Better sleep
  • Less hungry
  • Reduced waist size
  • Weight less and feel lighter
  • No longer bloated
  • No longer lethargic and sleepy
  • Improved mental cognition
  • Happier

Rodriguez sisters Primed

Rodriguez sisters

Rodriguez Jeremy

What’s the Primed Secret?


A little of what is below.

Rodriguez sisters fi

They would never use TOXIC veg oil either.

Fake vs Primed 1

Rodriguez Sisters (Jeremy, Jovy & Pamela) are INSPIRATIONAL & Got Insprition from

Primed Anastazcia and Danah

Anastazcia and Danah1

A Summary of Some Primed Improvements for Anastazcia& Danah Since November 2016

  • Feels “great” in their body
  • Said “This is the best I’ve ever felt.”
  • Much better skin
  • More time to enjoy life
  • Did not have to waste time doing lots of pointless exercise. I asked them to do less.
  • Excellent mental clarity and mental cognition
  • More productive throughout entire day
  • Enjoying life more
  • Enjoying her regular intelligent fasts (do not attempt unless Primed/well nourished)
  • More energy (energy is life and life is energy)
  • More positive as they know their great feelings in brain and body will just keep getting better
  • Peace of mind with respect to their health and how to live optimally

The Final Word

Primed is a lifestyle. It is not a diet.

Low carb

Food is just one part of your overall nutrition. Even with perfect nutrition we can still be less than optimal. Primed teaches you the way to optimal. Optimal BRAIN and BODY.

Elimination diet

If you wish to go Primed please contact me at:

PCOS Goneski

Fiishmongersdailycatch hypertensio

Primed reverses






“A” is No Longer Pre-Diabetic in 2 Weeks Primed. Yippie.

From Primed “A”

(some of my Primed clients are famous and wish for their identity to be a secret):

  • “Hi Chad, I must say that in just 2 weeks I can claim that I am not pre-diabetic.

  • My morning blood sugar is consistently normal.

  • Wow, thanks to you.

  • R’s blood sugar is also on a downward trend and will soon be normal. Thank you so much. You are an angel to us.”

  • I am delighted. So very happy for Primed A & R after just 2 weeks. Definitely they are on the right path and will make the rest of their lives the best of their lives.


#sunshineisenergy☀️#energyislife❤️ #brownskinrocks🌟🌟#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter#primednutritionfeedsyourbrain


BS pharma and food

No need to keep the greedy drug companies fat on your cash.

Their drugs mask the problems and fix NOTHING.


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A Tale of Two Bosses

Some bosses rock and some suck. 

How is your boss?

Boss #1 – Lets call him Juan


  • He finds out his staff’s wife is type 2 diabetic with a host of other issues.

  • As a healthy person himself he knows the solution is to fix the root cause of the problem. 

  • So, he engages a wellness coach to help fix these root causes. Logical right?

fiTWT RandA

  • This wellness coach runs from Pasig to The Wholesome Table in Salcedo Village at 9pm at night (past his bedtime) to help Juan, Ronnie and Analie.

  • Result is Analie lost 25 pounds, almost halved her blood sugar levels and halved her triglycerides. Ronnie also markedly improved his health and happiness.

Analie cholesterol

  • Oh, there are a plethora of other The Wholesome Table staff who are thriving.

  • Their families too.

  • That is the type of boss I want to work for. A number 1 boss. A caring and cool boss.

Some of the other The Wholesome Table success stories:

Primed Glicerio Rocks. Down 25 pounds & loving his Primed Life. The Wholesome Table customers are loving him too.

Ian, Alec and Tes (from The Wholesome Table) are THRIVING Primed.

Chef Vanessa from The Wholesome Table is THRIVING with her Primed Lifestyle

Primed Leo from The Wholesome Table is Up in Energy and Down in Pounds (30)!

Wholesome Ronnie and Analie Rocking Their Primed Lifestyle

Primed Tricia is a Primed Champ

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Franky and Family are THRIVING

From Primed Franky:

Going primed was a great decision, not only for myself but for my family. It has put my parents in a state I’e never seen before. I see they are more disciplined (admittedly they relapse once in awhile) but they have managed their lifestyle well and have maintained it.

Franky family

For the first 6-7 mos it was a challenge for me. Self doubt, angst with everything and just stubborness… i came to realize that going primed; you cant go into it with just a one dimensional mindset… it truly is an emotional/mental/psychological adjustment as much as it is physical.

Franky 3

As for me, huge changes! I am happier. I prioritize what is truly important and that is family. Time with them… i manage my stress better at work. God knows corporate jobs are always going to be toxic but thats what you taught me… that i can always be happy by being grateful and knowing whats more important.


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3 Examples of Hypertension reversed EASILY. Yes, easily with no meds, no supplements and no exercise. Just Primed protocols.

  • Primed Benisa reversed hypertension within 3 weeks Primed.

  • Benisa looked 15 years younger too.

  • Also with improved skin, sleep and energy.


  • Not only did Jojo reverse hypertension but his wife too. 


  • Architect William had hypertension. Now it is gone. No more. Reversed. No drugs. No supplements. No exercise. Just Primed food, drink and lifestyle changes.

  • William addressed the root cause of the issue. Was a lack of DRUGS the cause? Fix the cause. That is the Primed way.

Manny architects

  • William has reversed HYPERTENSION. Yippie.

Fiishmongersdailycatch hypertensio

  • Primed clients get printed Primed Carbohydrate recipes.

  • Also a menu plan and PDF recipes.

  • This is a great place to start when planning a meal. Please also see this about 30 Primed Sardine .recipes

  • Please know that eggs rock.

  • Primed people know food is only 20% of the health equation. 

Optimal Primed Protocols eggs

The Final Words:

Any way I can I will. 

Simply text me at 0929-421-2148.

Or email me at chad.davis.1@gmail.com.

Or skype at primedforyourlife.

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100+ Cool Primed Success Stories involving 1000s of Lives – Improved Energy, Immunity, Digestion and Life. Over 100 Conditions Reversed.

I am so proud that there are thousands of Primed success stories worldwide.

I am passionate about helping people to live longer and live better.

Here is a summary of the Primed Success stories within my blog.

Primed reverses

I have to add psoriasis, allergic rhinitis, shoulder bursitit, jet lag and more to the conditions reversed.

PCOS is Reversible – Just ask Vidya, Mae, Marie and many, many more. Primed is the answer for improved reproductive health for ladies and guys.

PCOS Vidya

Primed Twins Anastazcia and Danah Gutierrez are thriving Primed. Better skin, moods, energy and LIFE. Yippie.

Anastazcia G4

Janella, Zachary and Jezreel are Thriving Primed and Enjoying It.


Chef Ferdie is Rocking His Primed Lifestyle

Ferdie fi

Type 2 Diabetes REVERSED. Fact. Filam Nurses Darlene and Leo THRIVING Primed. This could be you. It’s EASY….


Ian, Alec and Tes (from The Wholesome Table) are THRIVING Primed.

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Primed Agnes and Family Rocking Their Primed Lifestyle and Getting Better.

Levi and Agnes have a beautiful family that have improved health after going Primed.

Agnes Rivera

Primed Agnes went Primed because she noticed how her friends Darlene and Leo were rocking it Primed and reversing their type 2 diabetes, hypertension and dysmenorrhea.

Agnes has Enjoyed the Following Since Going Primed

  • Lost 22 plus pounds without exercise
  • No more GERD / acid reflux
  • Has a lot more energy
  • Is less moody and a lot happier
  • Enjoying her food a lot
  • No longer any constipation
  • Enjoying the compliments of friends and colleagues
  • Clearer thinking
  • Better skin
  • Better sleep
  • Better outlook for the future
  • Has had to buy new clothes
  • Husband Levi is also doing well and supports his beautiful wife

Agnes and Levi

Agnes and Darlene are good friends who are both loving their Primed Lifestyle.
Agnes pic with Darlene

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