Ian, Alec and Tes (from The Wholesome Table) are THRIVING Primed.

I had a lot of fun at the Head office of The Wholesome Table. It was another fun Primed seminar.

A lot of success stories already from Glyza, Cielle and Tina.

Tes Lei2

They have reported improved skin, energy and sleep since my talk late last year. Cool. A lot more success stories to come from these fabulous staff. AND their families. Guaranteed. They all now know how to live longer and better. It will happen.

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Tes Lei1

Tes, a key executive from @thewholesometable went Primed 7 days ago. Nine (yes 9) pounds have disappeared since then. Tes already has more energy, better sleep and peace of mind. Confidence too. That’s huge.

Daughter Ian has better recovery from volleyball and Alec is feeling more full and satiated from his food. We just did a Primed seminar so they all know the Primed big picture where food is only number 4 on their path to be healthier and happier. So happy for this cool family.

So happy they have such GREAT & CARING bosses in @biancaelizalde and Juan Elizalde. Don’t you wish your boss was this cool?

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From Tes;

“Hi Chad,

Nice to hear from you.  I am doing good.  Kids are doing well too.

Ian has improved in terms of mental focus and physical stamina.  During their volleyball tune up game last week she performed very well and received positive feedback.

Tes Ian

She has clearer skin and better mood. She now has the discipline of declining food that comes from fast food restaurants like Mc Do and the like.

Tes rocks1

Unlike Ian, Alec is not into sports.  Most of the time he stays indoors playing computer games.  But in terms of food intake, Alec has the discipline of eating the right food.  Less rice (only during lunch) and more on eggs, seafood and greens.  Most of the time, he feels full and skips dinner.   We follow the practice of sleeping early (usually at 9 pm; latest at10 pm) and placing our phones on airplane mode, which gives us better sleep and renewed energy the following day.

Tes Alec

Surprisingly, I have not been sick for the past month since I went Primed, despite the absence of vitamins. 

I have not experienced any body pains, thus I see no need for the weekly massage I used to do.

I am definitely a happier, wiser and healthier version of myself.

Indeed, being Primed means cutting down on unnecessary expenses.

Tes pic

I am grateful that our family came to know you and your “Primed” protocols through Juan and Bianca. (Bosses of The Wholesome table)

Juan and Bianca

Thanks so much Chad for this BIG change in our lives. 🙂


Thanks to cool bosses @biancaelizalde and Juan from @thewholesometable

#primedforyourlife #thewholesometable


Wonderful Primed Dishes from Tes

“I am not really a domestic type of Mom due to lack of time and energy when getting home from work.  But with my renewed vitality since going Primed, I find time in looking for healthy recipes and trying them at home.  My kids now look forward to having healthy breakfast meals from me”.

Tes TWT1

Tes TWT2

Tes TWT3

Tes TWT4


A lot more of these … Leading a more meaningful life J

Tes Rocks3

Tes rocks

Tes fun2

Tes fun3

Tes Lei Cebu

In Boljoon, Cebu.

No Need for A Lot of This

Tes Lei NO NO

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