Primed Lexie is a Wonder Girl. Lexie is THRIVING. Lexie ROCKS.

Lexie went Primed because Mayen rocks.

Lexie with Mayen

Mayen went Primed at The Wholesome Table Estancia and started improving her life (and that of her loved ones) from that day on. It is still a journey of learning and improving every day. That is fun. Mayen and I were colleagues at Enderun Colleges.

Mayen has more energy and has seen significant health improvements since going Primed.

Lexie Banana Pancakes2

Lexie is also loving her new found Primed energy.

  • Lexie is HAPPIER

  • Lexie simply said she is “BETTER” than before. Cool.

  • Lexie’s sleep has improved immensely

  • Lexie has a lot more energy and no longer needs afternoon naps

  • Lexie is even SMARTER with 5 awards recently for her end of year ceremonies

Primed was created with children in mind. It’s so their parents know the best way to nourish their developing brains and bodies with love, sunshine, food & drinks.

Hi Mayen Ramirez. Hugs to cool Lexie. Model material with a fabulous smile. 🙂



“Look what i made! I’m taking it to school tomorrow.”

Beautifully done Primed Lexie. Super proud of you and your fab Mum Primed Mayen Ramirez​. 🙂

Primed food is not complicated. It’s delicious and nutritious. “Spinach, kale and arugula greens with feta cheese and isambal chili cheese. I’ll put eggs and tuyo fillet when i eat it.

I also made acv with olive oil and rosemary for the dressing.” Nice one Mayen Ramirez. 🙂

#primedforyourlife #eatrealfood #sunshineisenergy#energyislife❤️

Lexie Box Lunch

Even Lexie’s teeth look great

You cannot out brush a bad diet and lifestyle!

Our whole family got top marks from our dentist for great oral health. Primed Organic Virgin coconut Oil pulling helps. However, more important is to eat real food for stronger gums and teeth and have a Primed lifestyle.
You cannot out brush a sugar diet (grains equal sugar). The sun also helps with oral health.

#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter#primednutritionfeedsyourbrain#primedimprovesyourteeth#primednutritionfeedsyourbrain #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter#primedreverseshypertension

Lexie teeth

Imagine someone SILLY enough to drink “energy” drinks? Haha.

Those companies are LAUGHING at the people that drink their sugar waste product.



Should be called “sugar garbage drinks to drain you of energy and brain cells”.


Clearly not suitable for anyone. Let alone children. 


Toxic veg oil with sugar


I had fun waiting for Lexie and Mayen at Estancia – They ROCK!


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