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Primed Nia and Gen are Thriving with their Primed Lifestyle. Loving their Primed Nutrition (not just food).

I was so happy to catch up with Primed Gen today. Auntie Aleta rocks big time and together with Nia they are all thriving.

Gen told me she feels better, more energetic and stronger now. Her skin, eyes and vibrancy have visibly improved since I saw her 2 weeks ago.

Youngsters Nia and Gen are rocking it because their Mum / guardian is fabulous. We must help ourselves first to then really impact and help the ONES WE LOVE.

Nia and Gen4

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Primed Lexie is a Wonder Girl. Lexie is THRIVING. Lexie ROCKS.

Lexie went Primed because Mayen rocks.

Lexie with Mayen

Mayen went Primed at The Wholesome Table Estancia and started improving her life (and that of her loved ones) from that day on. It is still a journey of learning and improving every day. That is fun. Mayen and I were colleagues at Enderun Colleges.

Mayen has more energy and has seen significant health improvements since going Primed.

Lexie Banana Pancakes2

Lexie is also loving her new found Primed energy.

  • Lexie is HAPPIER

  • Lexie simply said she is “BETTER” than before. Cool.

  • Lexie’s sleep has improved immensely

  • Lexie has a lot more energy and no longer needs afternoon naps

  • Lexie is even SMARTER with 5 awards recently for her end of year ceremonies

Primed was created with children in mind. It’s so their parents know the best way to nourish their developing brains and bodies with love, sunshine, food & drinks.

Hi Mayen Ramirez. Hugs to cool Lexie. Model material with a fabulous smile. 🙂



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Talented Via is a Primed Champion

Meet my fabulous Primed neighbors Emil, Via, James, Enzo and Audrey.

Via Garcia Banno family

Via Garcia Banno

“Hi chad. Been doing the primed for the past 8 weeks and I loss 5 lbs, plus you are correct! Since I started the diet I can’t feel the muscle cramps anymore when I’m doing work out or yoga. 👍🏻🤗

The first 2 weeks I started its kinda hard coz I’m having an Lbm probably the toxins are coming out. But I’m happy with the result now. ☺

“yeah! There good! James is happy everyday I can hear him laughing and Enzo is a good boy now. And he likes banana Icecream I made for him. That’s his fave now. Just put the banana in freezer then after 2hrs blend with a bit of water then he got Primed Banana Ice cream already.” ☺

Enzo ice cream

Here are some of the amazing Primed dishes prepared by very talented Via

Please note, Via uses real food like seafood, eggs, green vegetables, Coconut flour, coconut oil, olive oil, butter and other real food to optimally nourish the brains and bodies of the ones she loves.

Via does not use toxic veg oil, sugar, grains (same as sugar but with added poison glyphosate before harvesting, gmo soy , low fat anything or other highly processed “things” (cannot call it food).

Via Garcia Banno food11

Spicy Grilled squid stuffed with prawns.
Via Garcia Banno food12
Lobster Thermidor for My bday Boy’s dinner! 😋#happytummy#happybdaymine#todiefor#madewithlove
Via Garcia Banno food13
Grilled squid stuffed with chicken bolognese for My Big Baby!
Via Garcia Banno food14
Baby back ribs for my big baby!!

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Top 7 Ways to Avoid Sub-optimal “Food” Options

Have you ever been too busy to eat properly so you grab some fast food, a fruit juice drink or an energy bar?

Well, you just made a bad situation worse by choosing the easy, most convenient option. That decision to eat nutrient deficient food will actually make you hungrier when your sugar crashes soon after eating or drinking what I call carbage.

Sugar coaster

There is an easy solution to your time poor dilemma.

When you eat optimally in a great environment then you will have Top . Yes, your food and your environment is that important.

Here’s My Top 7 Ways to Avoid Bad Food Decisions

  1. Eat a Great Breakfast like 5 organic virgin coconut oil fried eggs, a side of kimchi, some sardines in olive oil and a black coffee or tea. Would you be hungry after eating this Primed breakfast? How do you feel when you eat sugar food like pandesal, pancit, breakfast cereal etc.? It does fill you up and satisfy you. Eat quality nutrition and you will be more satisfied and not make yourself hungry. My record for eating eggs is 20. My cholesterol is excellent.


2. Plan Ahead and bring some bananas, nuts, cans of sardines etc. with you when travelling. So, you are less hungry from a huge breakfast but if you do get hungry you have some healthy supplies. It is easy when you think ahead.

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Primed Ravi is Doing Great for Himself and His Family

Ravi is rocking his new Primed Lifestyle.

It was worth running 16km in the rain yesterday to learn he has now lost 10 kilos, has his blood sugar under control, has more energy, enhanced confidence, has lost 2 plus inches off his waist and is a fabulous role model for his daughter Mridubashini. She is gorgeous.

Cholesterol improvements

Ravi Before and after

Type 2 Diabetes is a condition that can be reversed as Ravi is clearly showing.

Diabetes Cure Dr. Jason Fung

The Primed Kitchen/Dining Rules are pretty simple. Just eat real food.

Eat: Fresh Fruit, Fresh Vegetables, Nuts and Berries.  Use only Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. Quality cheese is ok. Kimchi & fermented foods rock. Seafood and eggs are excellent sources of nutrition for non-vegetarians. 🙂

Drink: Water, Green tea, Coconut Water, Coffee, Wine occasionally.

Do Not Eat: Sugars and Grains (same as sugar) and Processed foods. No white potatoes and no GMO corn. No soy and nothing low-fat. Limit beans, peas, white potatoes, and peanuts.  No bad toxic oils such as veg/seed oils like canola, sunflower etc.

Do Not Drink: Iced Tea, Soft Drinks, Fruit juices, Juiced drinks, Beers, Spirits with a Mixer, Sports Drinks etc.

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Primed Richard is Going to Spend his Extra Energy Learning How to Cook. Cool.

I really, really like driver Richard. He is an excellent driver.

Maybe one day he will be Chef Richard.

Richard has already lost 6 kilos since going Primed 21 days ago. Wow.

Richard’s wife is super happy as they are spending less money on food because they got rid of buying crappy hotdogs and sugar loaded Milo in favor of eggs and green veg.

Overfed and Undernourished20

Richard has a lot more energy now and will spend the extra energy helping Divine and Joel by learning to prepare and cook real food like Primed Kinilaw.

NEH kinilaw1

Richard’s children (Charlene and Mervin) will be stronger and smarter because of the great way Richard and his wife are now feeding them. Very groovy.

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8 Wonderfully Primed Things to Try This Weekend

(1) Eat More Avocado, Eggs, Grass Fed-Butter and Real Food

Optimal Primed Protocols avocado

Optimal Primed Protocols eggs

Optimal Primed Protocols butter

Optimal Primed Protocols real food

(2) Understand Fake Food is Carbage and is Poison for your Body & Brain

Optimal Primed Protocols fake food

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