Primed Ravi is Doing Great for Himself and His Family

Ravi is rocking his new Primed Lifestyle.

It was worth running 16km in the rain yesterday to learn he has now lost 10 kilos, has his blood sugar under control, has more energy, enhanced confidence, has lost 2 plus inches off his waist and is a fabulous role model for his daughter Mridubashini. She is gorgeous.

Cholesterol improvements

Ravi Before and after

Type 2 Diabetes is a condition that can be reversed as Ravi is clearly showing.

Diabetes Cure Dr. Jason Fung

The Primed Kitchen/Dining Rules are pretty simple. Just eat real food.

Eat: Fresh Fruit, Fresh Vegetables, Nuts and Berries.  Use only Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. Quality cheese is ok. Kimchi & fermented foods rock. Seafood and eggs are excellent sources of nutrition for non-vegetarians. 🙂

Drink: Water, Green tea, Coconut Water, Coffee, Wine occasionally.

Do Not Eat: Sugars and Grains (same as sugar) and Processed foods. No white potatoes and no GMO corn. No soy and nothing low-fat. Limit beans, peas, white potatoes, and peanuts.  No bad toxic oils such as veg/seed oils like canola, sunflower etc.

Do Not Drink: Iced Tea, Soft Drinks, Fruit juices, Juiced drinks, Beers, Spirits with a Mixer, Sports Drinks etc.

My Primed clients receive a customized menu plan, so many recipes, help on how to dine out, cooking lessons for themselves and their helpers and so much more.

Wheat sucks4

Eat Wonderful Carbohydrates like these:

Carbohydrates rock

See examples of wonderful carbohydrates here.

Carbo fi

It is important to remember that before we were over-weight we were sick. Hence, our immune and digestive systems were affected and we were probably feeding disease instead of fighting it.


You are doing amazingly well Ravi. You must maintain and continue to set the wonderful example for your beautiful family. Life will be better.


Family is everything as you know.

Happy memories fi

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