Top 7 Ways to Avoid Sub-optimal “Food” Options

Have you ever been too busy to eat properly so you grab some fast food, a fruit juice drink or an energy bar?

Well, you just made a bad situation worse by choosing the easy, most convenient option. That decision to eat nutrient deficient food will actually make you hungrier when your sugar crashes soon after eating or drinking what I call carbage.

Sugar coaster

There is an easy solution to your time poor dilemma.

When you eat optimally in a great environment then you will have Top . Yes, your food and your environment is that important.

Here’s My Top 7 Ways to Avoid Bad Food Decisions

  1. Eat a Great Breakfast like 5 organic virgin coconut oil fried eggs, a side of kimchi, some sardines in olive oil and a black coffee or tea. Would you be hungry after eating this Primed breakfast? How do you feel when you eat sugar food like pandesal, pancit, breakfast cereal etc.? It does fill you up and satisfy you. Eat quality nutrition and you will be more satisfied and not make yourself hungry. My record for eating eggs is 20. My cholesterol is excellent.


2. Plan Ahead and bring some bananas, nuts, cans of sardines etc. with you when travelling. So, you are less hungry from a huge breakfast but if you do get hungry you have some healthy supplies. It is easy when you think ahead.


3. Bring your quality fat like Primed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). Besides oil pulling to clean your mouth, or using as toothpaste, on your skin, or in your hair, you can take it straight. VCO is synonymous with great health. I use it as an energy gel throughout the day if too busy to eat a sit down meal.

4. Try Intermittent Fasting if there is really no nutritious food around. Here, you simply skip lunch because you are still full from your great breakfast. The mantra is to eat only when you are hungry. Give your digestive system some time off for good behaviour!


5. Try podcats or youtube as motivation to stay away from poor food options that harm your body and brain. An example is when Primed for your Life was featured on The Best of You podcast from author and motivational guru Mike Grogan. Please listen at this link:

Best of You fi

6. Drink more water and even add lemon or calamansi, maybe even apple cider or coconut vinegar but not scotch! Haha. Your body is 70% water so please drink more.



Oh, by-the-way, your brain is 60 plus % fat…..

Brain health

7. Bring a Cooler if driving somewhere. The idea is to ensure your dreams of a healthy body and brain are bigger than your excuses! So, simply pack your food like boiled eggs, cheese, Primed Vegetable Kinilaw in a glass container (more desirable than plastic) and put it in your cooler. Easy right? Primed Kinilaw recipe here:

There you have it. 7 ways to be healthier without having to choose the food that is bad for your body, brain and longevity. As mentioned, planning and forward thinking must be involved. If your goals are set and you REALLY want to be healthier then you can do it. Good luck.

I established Primed for your Life to help people to live longer and to live better. So many people are and you can too. If you need help message me at 0929-421-2148. Or email me at Good luck.

Anytime is the right time to5








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