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Pudjan Improved His Way of Living – You can too. Primed is the Future for Optimal Health and Happiness.

From Pudjan –

Primed changed my way of living. 

  • Now, i have 8-10hrs of sleep.
  • My digestion had improved. Before, i excrete every after 2-3days but now, i excrete every single day. It feels great!
  • When i was still eating rice, even brown rice, i always had struggles on maintaining my BMI. But when i started going primed, even i dont workout, my BMI is good. I have the ideal BMI.
  • Primed makes me feel light yet strong.
  • I am not easily attacked by virus. For example, when all my housemates were suffering from colds, and that time, i had to talk to them face to face, i didnt suffer from that virus.
  • It’s really amazing. It feels that i am protected.
  • It’s because i started teaching my brain that i shouldnt eat rice or sweet foods because they will just ruin my health and my life basically.
  • I started to crave for more veggies, quality fats, or any quality food.
  • Really, primed rocks!”

Pudjan Primed

Ay nag-perfect met daytoy breakfast ko ita nia.😍
Buttered banana+cheese+avocado+beans+eggs+beef = PRIMED💪

“Primed is about optimal nourishment from food, drinks, thoughts and environment.”– Chad Davis

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Talented Via is a Primed Champion

Meet my fabulous Primed neighbors Emil, Via, James, Enzo and Audrey.

Via Garcia Banno family

Via Garcia Banno

“Hi chad. Been doing the primed for the past 8 weeks and I loss 5 lbs, plus you are correct! Since I started the diet I can’t feel the muscle cramps anymore when I’m doing work out or yoga. 👍🏻🤗

The first 2 weeks I started its kinda hard coz I’m having an Lbm probably the toxins are coming out. But I’m happy with the result now. ☺️

“yeah! There good! James is happy everyday I can hear him laughing and Enzo is a good boy now. And he likes banana Icecream I made for him. That’s his fave now. Just put the banana in freezer then after 2hrs blend with a bit of water then he got Primed Banana Ice cream already.” ☺️

Enzo ice cream

Here are some of the amazing Primed dishes prepared by very talented Via

Please note, Via uses real food like seafood, eggs, green vegetables, Coconut flour, coconut oil, olive oil, butter and other real food to optimally nourish the brains and bodies of the ones she loves.

Via does not use toxic veg oil, sugar, grains (same as sugar but with added poison glyphosate before harvesting, gmo soy , low fat anything or other highly processed “things” (cannot call it food).

Via Garcia Banno food11

Spicy Grilled squid stuffed with prawns.
Via Garcia Banno food12
Lobster Thermidor for My bday Boy’s dinner! 😋#happytummy#happybdaymine#todiefor#madewithlove
Via Garcia Banno food13
Grilled squid stuffed with chicken bolognese for My Big Baby!
Via Garcia Banno food14
Baby back ribs for my big baby!!

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