Pudjan Improved His Way of Living – You can too. Primed is the Future for Optimal Health and Happiness.

From Pudjan –

Primed changed my way of living. 

  • Now, i have 8-10hrs of sleep.
  • My digestion had improved. Before, i excrete every after 2-3days but now, i excrete every single day. It feels great!
  • When i was still eating rice, even brown rice, i always had struggles on maintaining my BMI. But when i started going primed, even i dont workout, my BMI is good. I have the ideal BMI.
  • Primed makes me feel light yet strong.
  • I am not easily attacked by virus. For example, when all my housemates were suffering from colds, and that time, i had to talk to them face to face, i didnt suffer from that virus.
  • It’s really amazing. It feels that i am protected.
  • It’s because i started teaching my brain that i shouldnt eat rice or sweet foods because they will just ruin my health and my life basically.
  • I started to crave for more veggies, quality fats, or any quality food.
  • Really, primed rocks!”

Pudjan Primed

Ay nag-perfect met daytoy breakfast ko ita nia.😍
Buttered banana+cheese+avocado+beans+eggs+beef = PRIMED💪

“Primed is about optimal nourishment from food, drinks, thoughts and environment.”– Chad Davis

Pudjan Primed3

Yeah. I sun bathed after cutting the woods 🙂
I also enjoy staying under the sun whenever i go to manila hehe
Staying under the sun in Manila 🙂

I dont use caps or umbrella cuz i read in your instagram post that sun is source of energy 🙂

Pudjan Primed2
Chad, look at my breakfast today. I really loved the sauted onions, garlic and tomatoes partnered with avocado, cheese omelette and buttered sweet potatoes. After eating this, i felt light yet strong. And I helped my auntie in cutting their woods.


Pudjan Primed6

I really like being primed. Yahoo! 💪💪💪

Pudjan Primed5

“Let food be thy medicine.”- Hippocrates

Hippocrates did not live in modern times and we need more than just food as our medicines. We should definitely try to avoid DRUGS and hospitals.

Pudjan rocks

The Primed way is to assist you in reclaiming your healthy and vitality. 

To do sun

Pudjan Primed cool

Agnes and Levi Sunlight

Sun Meetings

Manny architectssun1

Did your elders who lived long AND well hide from the sun?


Ask a young Filipina:

Ferdie rocks4

From Primed Diana Isabela Agustin:

“Hi chad! i used to be really acidic and ever since i became primed and started eating right I realized i haven’t had an acidity attack in so long. Before i couldn’t even drink coffee because my tummy would hurt so bad now i can drink it in the morning without having eaten anything. Plus i love getting sun first thing in the morning it really does give me energy through out the day.”

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Going Primed Rocks and is Easy

Just text me at 0929-421-2148 or email at chad.davis.1@gmail.com. Even skype at primedforyourlife if overseas.

We discuss your unique circumstances, your rate is negotiated as to what you can afford and then we start.

Gratitude rocks

Quote above from Ina Agustin. 🙂

Primed reverses


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