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Primed Mariano Family Thriving in Iligan City

There is nothing better than helping people. Nothing.

Happy helps someone

However, to help others you MUST help yourself and get your life and health  in order first.

The Mariano family is a wonderful example. Avril, Doi, April, Estelle, Noelle, Dr. Victor and Belen are all committed to their Primed Lifestyle. They are determined to help themselves but equally determined to help others. That is MAGIC.

From Avril: “I’m happy to say that everyone in my family is more committed now in following the program.”

Mariano Home-cooked specialties in Iligan9

What Avril said about our Primed Mariano 4-course dinner on Monday July 11th: 

“The ones who attended cant stop talking about it
And slowly started adapting to introducing real food in their diet.  A lot has asked when you are coming back and if we will do another dinner 😉
I must say, you have brought so much awareness and change to the families of those who attended. Thank you.”

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Are you eating UGLI foods? Fight Disease, DO NOT Feed it!

I always avoid UGLI Food.

UGLI is:


Glycemic deranging,

Low nutrient &

Irritating/Inflammatory stuff

U G L I you ain’t got no alibi you UGLI. You UGLI! Listen to the youtube song here. Substitute the Y for an I.

No need to eat UGLI food when you can enjoy fabulous Primed for your Life dishes like this.

it is not difficult to prepare highly nutritious, delicious and satiating Primed food.

Teach your children how to cook real food dishes as it will help them to be healthier and happier for life.

Please try and avoid giving UGLI food to your loved ones as it harms their energy, body and brains. UGLI is Unnatural, Glycemic deranging, Low nutrient & Irritating/Inflammatory stuff (cannot even be called food).

UGLI stuff = TOXIC veg oil (from seeds), sugar, GMO soy, low fat stuff, grains (usually equal poisoned seeds of grasses and sugar) and highly processed disease agents (where they dump veg oil, sugar, grains and soy).

Anytime is the right time to2

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Where is TOXIC Veg/Seed Oil Hiding & Why?

Firstly, why do they dump TOXIC veg/seed oils into so many

products? Because it is cheap.

Secondly, do they know it is TOXIC? Yep.

Killer veg oilfi

Lastly, why do they then dump in in products like baby formula? Because it is cheap and they do not care about your health over PROFIT. See another great article here.

Toxic baby frankenfood

Are you sure you want that doughnut?

Ok if you wish to eat a perfectly formulated obesogenic combination for yourself, but please do not give it in the name of a special occasion.

Toxic oils hiding in plain sight yikes

The list of ingredients is FRIGHTENING and people give this as a treat. What!?! It is probably kinder to punch them in the arm. Don’t punch anyone, but at least that bruising goes away. However, internal bruising (inflammation) can, and does, lead to illness and disease.

Imagine giving someone a box of this carbage? Yikes. What a lovely combination of TOXIC artery clogging veg/seed oil, sugar, grains (same as sugar), chemicals, preservatives and whatever other garbage these type of companies dump in there.


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6 Reasons to Avoid Toxic Vegetable Oils -Part 1

Are Vegetable Oils Bad for You? 

French Fries

A better question might be: “Did you know vegetable oils (actually seed oils) are not fit for human consumption?”

From a Recent Primed Couple:

“Hey Chad .. Mary accidentely consumed vegatable oil last night … and was sick for the entire night. 😦

Looks like both of our bodies are responding strongly when we re-introduce poison into our systems.”
Dr. Davis 1
This cool quote from Hippocrates could relate to grains, sugar, non-fermented soy, low-fat stuff and vegetable/seed oils. When you consume these frankenfoods you are doing harm to yourself.



Here is part 1 of 6 reasons to avoid toxic vegetable oil at all costs. There are a lot more as you can read here from Healthy Holistic Living. He mentions 11. Wow.

Summary of what you’ll learn below:

Catherine Shanahan, MD “…discovered that every single patient that just had a heart attack had consumed foods made with vegetable oils with their last meal before the heart attack…”

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Le Bron & Kobe Would Never Have Fries With That

People Who Would Never Touch Fries (I am making an educated guess)

LeBron, Kobe and Novak Djokovic know that fries cooked in vegetable oil can be deadly seeing they immediately constrict your arteries upon eating them. They all follow the Primed/LCHF way of eating real food.

Similarly, celebrities like Jessica Biel, Megan Fox, Matthew McConaughey, Miley Cyrus and Gwyneth Paltrow want to maintain a healthy mind and body so they too would avoid anything cooked in vegetable oil seeing it is but a molecule away from being plastic!

Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Bobcats
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Great Beef at Myron’s Place in Greenbelt 5

I had a most enjoyable Primed lunch at Myron’s Place in Greenbelt 5with 4 other expats on Thursday the 30th April. I did not know that Myron’s is well known for their steaks so I am glad that is what I ordered.

Myrons friends

So, what do 2 Aussies, a Kiwi, a Frenchman and a Dane talk about over lunch?  We all wanted local hero Manny Pacquiao to win against Floyd and we all agreed that the food and ambiance of Myron’s Place is very nice.

Myron’s Place is conveniently located at ground level of Greenbelt 5. The interior design is modern, relaxing and enhanced with the beautiful view of surrounding lush gardens.

Myrons beef duo

My Duet of Bacon-Wrapped Petite US Certified Angus Beef Medallions & Grilled Shrimps was excellent. The waiters gladly substituted the mashed potatoes for extra vegetables which were fabulous. I loved the whole oven-roasted garlic knob. Being Primed I skipped the bread of course.

Mtrons veg dish
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