6 Reasons to Avoid Toxic Vegetable Oils -Part 1

Are Vegetable Oils Bad for You? 

French Fries

A better question might be: “Did you know vegetable oils (actually seed oils) are not fit for human consumption?”

From a Recent Primed Couple:

“Hey Chad .. Mary accidentely consumed vegatable oil last night … and was sick for the entire night. 😦

Looks like both of our bodies are responding strongly when we re-introduce poison into our systems.”
Dr. Davis 1
This cool quote from Hippocrates could relate to grains, sugar, non-fermented soy, low-fat stuff and vegetable/seed oils. When you consume these frankenfoods you are doing harm to yourself.



Here is part 1 of 6 reasons to avoid toxic vegetable oil at all costs. There are a lot more as you can read here from Healthy Holistic Living. He mentions 11. Wow.

Summary of what you’ll learn below:

Catherine Shanahan, MD “…discovered that every single patient that just had a heart attack had consumed foods made with vegetable oils with their last meal before the heart attack…”


All vegetable oils contain oxidized fats due to the refining process and chemical reactions with the polyunsaturated fat content of vegetable oils. Expert Nutrition author, Catherine Shanahan, MD, calls the fats in vegetable oils “MegaTrans”, because they are similar in chemistry to trans fats, but even WORSE.

Myrons steak and foi gras


And MegaTrans from vegetable oils are found in almost ALL processed packaged foods, as well as virtually ALL restaurant fryers. Except cool restaurant like The Wholesome Table.

Veg killeroil

French Fries proven to immediately harm your arteries after eating them:

Free radicals formed during the refining of vegetable oils create these “mutant” fats, which damage your cell membranes & chromosomes, and create massive inflammation in your body.

The free radicals in vegetable oils also damage your arteries, which can directly lead to a heart attack. Please be aware that this isn’t just a long-term risk of eating vegetable oils daily. There are also studies that show immediate dysfunction in your arteries, also called endothelial function.

Catherine Shanahan, MD, cites in her BOOK Deep Nutrition a study from New Zealand that showed that subjects who ate french fries from a restaurant fryer displayed immediate harm to their endothelial function of their arteries, going from a normal 7% dilation before eating the french fries to almost NO dilation at all (only 1%) AFTER eating the french fries. This is one thing that can cause a heart attack.

Dr. Cate pic

If you think I’m exaggerating, think again… Dr Shanahan also surveyed hundreds of patients that were admitted to the hospital for a heart attack, and discovered that every single patient that just had a heart attack had consumed foods made with vegetable oils with their last meal before the heart attack…Scary huh!

That is worth repeating:

“…discovered that every single patient that just had a heart attack had consumed foods made with vegetable oils with their last meal before the heart attack…”


Think about THAT next time you order the fries with that sandwich on the menu! It really is THAT serious. Always ask to replace french fries that come with most meals with side veggies, fruit, or a salad instead. That may very well be the difference between dying tomorrow or enjoying many more years on this beautiful planet.


“Just order your burger without the fries and no bun. Simply ask the chefs to grill the burger or to use butter or coconut oil.” Chad.


“I Want Good Fuel for My Body and Brain.” Chad.

Killer veg oil fuel

Almost all Information above quoted from here unless specified otherwise.

The next 5 posts all relating to toxic veg oil from here.

The Final Word

From the facebook page of Dr. Cate:

Dr. Cate

From Dr. Cate:

“Amazing! Medscape article: OOPS we were wrong about our worldwide advise to cut sat fat and eat more PUFA. “Substituting dietary linoleic acid in place of saturated fats increased the rates of death from all causes, coronary heart disease, and cardiovascular disease. An updated meta-analysis of linoleic acid intervention trials showed no evidence of cardiovascular benefit. These findings could have important implications for worldwide dietary advice to substitute omega 6 linoleic acid, or polyunsaturated fats in general, for saturated fats.”

Healthy Cooking Oils to Use

  • Avocado oil is also very good and beware of using sustainable and environmentally friendly palm oil only.

Wellness Mama healthycookingoil

The infographic is here: https://www.positivehealthwellness.com/infographics/ultimate-guide-healthy-cooking-oils-infographic/

Check out some great story on toxic oil and other great content here: https://wellnessmama.com/2193/never-eat-vegetable-oil/

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