Is ADHD Short for “A Diet Highly Disruptive”?

Graduation from Pembroke College was 30 years ago for me but in many respects it seems like only yesterday.  I still maintain great friendships with Bill Brummitt, Andrew Wallace and Sean Williams among others from that time. One name I never forgot was Cecily Aldersly (now Dunn).

Cecily Dunn class pic

We were mates. In a time of school yard uncertainty her friendship was a constant and I never forgot Cecily despite losing track of each other. On the occasion of our 30 year graduation reunion I decided to track down my young buddy and am so pleased I did.

I’ll let Cecily tell the rest of the story of her whole family becoming healthier and her son Harry no longer having ADHD.:

From Cecily Dunn

“Hi Chad – I know I’ve been quiet but we are all still very Primed – kids are Excellent!

All 3 children are so different from what they were like just 4 months ago.

They all brought home very impressive school reports largely due to the renewed clarity, energy and the evenness in temperament – they can now sit through the most boring double maths/history lesson and not fall asleep/act up/switch off/get sent to time out!!!!



Harry (11) comes home and immediately does home work – no whinging  for food!!! He was 2 years behind year level and supposedly dyslexic and ADHD, in the last 12 months we have made diet changes but going Primed in the last few months has created a completely new kid. Also he had now lost 10kgs (!!!) has found his schoolwork is easier and has so much energy. He wasn’t obese by any means but he’s a lean, focused and energetic individual these days… they all are!



Rory injured her knee months back doing crazy out door activity (I blame Primed eating lol) and had a  knee arthroscopy  2 days ago – was up walking the corridor for the physio within 30 mins of coming back from theatre – no nausea, not light headed – just woke up and off!!!  As well she’s lost 5 kgs has no wheat belly and her skin is flawless – all very important when you are 13!!! She also says she feels more positive.



Gracie (11) – is so proud to have dropped 5 kgs, improved her school work and is looking forward to sports day as she reckons she is really fast now!
Also, Amazingly there are some nights where no one needs tea! My kids don’t hang off doors squealing they are hungry .. EVER.


If we need to go somewhere  – we get in the car and get there – no more preparing snacks etc. a good Primed breakfast is the base for each day and they refuel on fruit or vegetable sticks and cheese about late afternoon. It’s all so easy now.

I definitely have an energy level that I have never had – never hungry.

My partner Ian works nights – for 3 months now he exists on one big totally primed brunch per day lots of veg, coconut oil and eggs. He’s 6’4 and has lost about 8 kilos and never felt better.


Going Primed has had the most extraordinary effect – the regular posts on FB have been crucial to our success. Also – the kid’s are amazed at the amount of running your kids do and are inspired. It’s so good for 11 and 13 yo’s to have that sort of inspiration – much better than the Kardadhians. lol
Love your work x


Cecily Dunn2

Summary from Cecily

“I read somewhere a while back -that it takes 30 years to see the affect of a change in diet on a population – our kids are paying for all those convenience meals and low fat rubbish that was heaped on us from our teenage years – but thanks to you Chad –
my kids are leaner (to the tune of 6+ kgs) more focused and wake up bright and ready and excited for the day ahead. The learning difficulty and ADHD in one of my children …GONE!
Temperamental weird and pessimistic teenage girl GONE! – replaced with happy, positive person I just want to be around. I love the way they quite simply laugh out loud at the school tuck shop’s list of ‘healthy’ choices. All this in 4 months – can’t wait to see what they can achieve!”

The Final Words

I am so proud and glad that the Primed Lifestyle is having a positive impact on people worldwide.

Of course when it is people near and dear to me then that is all the more special. 




Cecily and her family eat real food. It is not hard to prepare nor expensive.


See example of a Primed Kimbap Wrap here.

and a Primed Gourmet Pizza here. Both pictured above.

Please see an interesting on ADHD here. I am seeing more and more Primed children saying they can now concentrate better, have more energy, are less sleepy in the afternoon and many other great health outcomes.

I do not wish to trivialize ADHD but the first port of call by any parent could be to assess the quality of their child’s diet. Why not try that before drugs or other interventions?


Besides making ADHD disappear, the Primed Lifestyle has also seen Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, irritable bowel syndrome, gout, back pain, period pain, bad skin, lethargy, forgetfulness and a whole lot more disappear.



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