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Is ADHD Short for “A Diet Highly Disruptive”?

Graduation from Pembroke College was 30 years ago for me but in many respects it seems like only yesterday.  I still maintain great friendships with Bill Brummitt, Andrew Wallace and Sean Williams among others from that time. One name I never forgot was Cecily Aldersly (now Dunn).

Cecily Dunn class pic

We were mates. In a time of school yard uncertainty her friendship was a constant and I never forgot Cecily despite losing track of each other. On the occasion of our 30 year graduation reunion I decided to track down my young buddy and am so pleased I did.

I’ll let Cecily tell the rest of the story of her whole family becoming healthier and her son Harry no longer having ADHD.:

From Cecily Dunn

“Hi Chad – I know I’ve been quiet but we are all still very Primed – kids are Excellent!

All 3 children are so different from what they were like just 4 months ago.

They all brought home very impressive school reports largely due to the renewed clarity, energy and the evenness in temperament – they can now sit through the most boring double maths/history lesson and not fall asleep/act up/switch off/get sent to time out!!!!



Harry (11) comes home and immediately does home work – no whinging  for food!!! He was 2 years behind year level and supposedly dyslexic and ADHD, in the last 12 months we have made diet changes but going Primed in the last few months has created a completely new kid. Also he had now lost 10kgs (!!!) has found his schoolwork is easier and has so much energy. He wasn’t obese by any means but he’s a lean, focused and energetic individual these days… they all are!

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