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Where is TOXIC Veg/Seed Oil Hiding & Why?

Firstly, why do they dump TOXIC veg/seed oils into so many

products? Because it is cheap.

Secondly, do they know it is TOXIC? Yep.

Killer veg oilfi

Lastly, why do they then dump in in products like baby formula? Because it is cheap and they do not care about your health over PROFIT. See another great article here.

Toxic baby frankenfood

Are you sure you want that doughnut?

Ok if you wish to eat a perfectly formulated obesogenic combination for yourself, but please do not give it in the name of a special occasion.

Toxic oils hiding in plain sight yikes

The list of ingredients is FRIGHTENING and people give this as a treat. What!?! It is probably kinder to punch them in the arm. Don’t punch anyone, but at least that bruising goes away. However, internal bruising (inflammation) can, and does, lead to illness and disease.

Imagine giving someone a box of this carbage? Yikes. What a lovely combination of TOXIC artery clogging veg/seed oil, sugar, grains (same as sugar), chemicals, preservatives and whatever other garbage these type of companies dump in there.


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