Where is TOXIC Veg/Seed Oil Hiding & Why?

Firstly, why do they dump TOXIC veg/seed oils into so many

products? Because it is cheap.

Secondly, do they know it is TOXIC? Yep.

Killer veg oilfi

Lastly, why do they then dump in in products like baby formula? Because it is cheap and they do not care about your health over PROFIT. See another great article here.

Toxic baby frankenfood

Are you sure you want that doughnut?

Ok if you wish to eat a perfectly formulated obesogenic combination for yourself, but please do not give it in the name of a special occasion.

Toxic oils hiding in plain sight yikes

The list of ingredients is FRIGHTENING and people give this as a treat. What!?! It is probably kinder to punch them in the arm. Don’t punch anyone, but at least that bruising goes away. However, internal bruising (inflammation) can, and does, lead to illness and disease.

Imagine giving someone a box of this carbage? Yikes. What a lovely combination of TOXIC artery clogging veg/seed oil, sugar, grains (same as sugar), chemicals, preservatives and whatever other garbage these type of companies dump in there.


Did you see that they put Veg/seed oils in baby formula? 

Toxic baby-Infant formula

You know what else has essential vitamins and minerals? Real food does.

These toxic seed/veg oils can also make men infertile. Yes guys shoot blanks.  Do you still want to chug your sugarade then have your processed carbs? See great article by David Gillespie here. 

“Infertile men had a significantly higher ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3  (15 to 1 versus 6 to 1 in fertile men).  And critically, the higher the omega-6, the lower the sperm count.   The amount and ratio of Omega-6 also dramatically and negatively affected the other two primary measures of sperm quality, the motility (ability to move) and morphology (the shape).”


Where else do big food dump their toxic veg/seed oils?

Toxic veg oil with sugar

Did you know they dump 8 teaspoons of sugar together with TOXIC veg/seed oil (that constricts arteries immediately upon consuming) and then spend BILLIONS marketing it to your children. We should be outraged. I am. Why don’t they spend that cash on coming up with a proper product that does not harm people?

These big sugarade companies  are just not cool. So many people are giving them the flick. That is cool for their health and longevity.


Do you think toxic veg/seed oils helps add value to the breakfast cereal we feed ourselves and our children? Why do they add it when they must know it is harmful? How many different ways can they add the word sugar? Haha. Would be funny if it were not so sad.


Yikes. No more to say.


It is bad enough that we unwittingly eat these toxic veg/seed oils when hidden in fine print on the back of these “food” producers packet under ingredients. We must read labels.


Imagine willingly eating food drenched in toxic veg/seed oils? Imagine the potential harm to your body and brain?

Over-fed and under-nourished9

It is time we made smarter decisions with what we buy to feed ourselves with.

Over-fed and under-nourished2

We owe it to ourselves and our family.


You can get healthy. Easily. It starts with being sick of being sick and being tired of feeling tired. Then make changes to your food and engage a Wellness Coach who can help and guide you along the way.


Healthy Cooking Oils to Use

  • Avocado oil is also very good and beware of using sustainable and environmentally friendly palm oil only.

Wellness Mama healthycookingoil

The infographic is here: https://www.positivehealthwellness.com/infographics/ultimate-guide-healthy-cooking-oils-infographic/

Check out some great story on toxic oil and other great content here: https://wellnessmama.com/2193/never-eat-vegetable-oil/

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