Le Bron & Kobe Would Never Have Fries With That

People Who Would Never Touch Fries (I am making an educated guess)

LeBron, Kobe and Novak Djokovic know that fries cooked in vegetable oil can be deadly seeing they immediately constrict your arteries upon eating them. They all follow the Primed/LCHF way of eating real food.

Similarly, celebrities like Jessica Biel, Megan Fox, Matthew McConaughey, Miley Cyrus and Gwyneth Paltrow want to maintain a healthy mind and body so they too would avoid anything cooked in vegetable oil seeing it is but a molecule away from being plastic!

Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Bobcats

Do You Really Want Fries With That?

At a recent lunch my fellow Aussie had fries with his meal. Fries should be avoided for those enjoying a Primed Lifestyle and anyone wanting to be healthy. The fries are usually cooked in Vegetable Oil which immediately constrict your arteries upon eating them.

See below from respected Dr. of the LA Lakers Cate Shanahan.

Are Vegetable Oils Bad for You?

Veg oil is bad for you

Catherine Shanahan, MD, cites in her book Deep Nutrition a study from New Zealand that showed that subjects who ate french fries from a restaurant fryer displayed immediate harm to their endothelial function of their arteries, going from a normal 7% dilation before eating the french fries to almost NO dilation at all (only 1%) AFTER eating the french fries. This is one thing that can cause a heart attack.

Dr. Shanahan also surveyed hundreds of patients that were admitted to the hospital for a heart attack, and discovered that every single patient that just had a heart attack had consumed foods made with vegetable oils with their last meal before the heart attack. Yikes.

French Fries

Think about that next time you order the fries with that steak on the menu! Simply ask to replace french fries with vegetables or a salad instead. All good restaurants will gladly do so.

Restaurants such as The Wholesome Table, Fig, and Brasserie CiCou would gladly accommodate requests to make your dish Primed.

The Wholesome Table Berns lunch

Picture above is of a delicious Wholesome Table Burger easily made Primed by not having the bun or fries.

Coconut Oil

If I were to have my sweet potatoes fried then it would be in a quality oil like Virgin Coconut Oil. Olive oil is best for light sautéed foods or drizzled on salads.

Coconut oil is also great straight up as part of your daily healthy Primed Lifestyle.

Roasted turmeric Veg3

Healthy Cooking Oils to Use

  • Avocado oil is also very good and beware of using sustainable and environmentally friendly palm oil only.

Wellness Mama healthycookingoil

The infographic is here: https://www.positivehealthwellness.com/infographics/ultimate-guide-healthy-cooking-oils-infographic/

Check out some great story on toxic oil and other great content here: https://wellnessmama.com/2193/never-eat-vegetable-oil/

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