Primed Ultra Marathoner Rose Betonio

Meet a wonderful Primed lady called Rose Benito. Rose is an ultra marathoner with a great smile and a tremendous zest for life. Rose recently adopted the Primed Lifestyle, loves it and will never go back!

Rose pic

Rose Betonio Said:

Kristian Joergensen introduce me my diet plan absolute result not even 1 month my abs is out already with the workout determination.”

“Thanks to primed for your life I will make a testimony after I finish my 60 days challenge :)”

“It’s really great in almost 3 weeks my abs is out. That’s a big wow and everyone amaze and asking about the diet plan, even international runners.”


Some Great Quotes from Rose:

“Being yourself is the prettiest thing a person can be.”

Rose Benito3

“You can find Inspiration from others, but Determination is solely your RESPONSIBILITY.”

Rose Benito

“Running is not about being better than someone else, It’s about being better than you used to be.”

Rose message

Rose’s Delicious and Nutritious Breakfast.

Rose breakfast

Coffee tastes great with coconut milk.

Some Other Primed Ultra Marathoners


Timothy Olson – Ultramarathoner & 2012 Western States 100 Winner.

Tim previously ate pizza and drank beer but experience gasto intestinal issues. Now he eats coconut oil, green smoothies, cabbage wraps and chicken curry.

Zach Bitter

Zach Bitter who has competed in 24 events and holds the 12 Hour World Record, 100 mile American Record, and 200k American Record. Additionally, he’s a two time National Champion (50 mile road 2012, and 100k road 2014) as well as a member of USA’s 2014 100k World Championship Team, which won gold in Doha, Qatar and placed 6th overall. Information above from the website of Jimmy Moore Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb

Zach always ate pretty clean and well but when he went Primed/LCHF his results improved remarkably, his recovery was improved and he was healthier and happier than ever.

Fat Tank

Zach’s performance improved because he now had access to a better fuel source.

Also locals like Andy Pope, Kristian Joergensen and Rose Beneto.

Rose has a most impressive list of running accomplishments. Going Primed will help her recover faster from each race as well as getting faster and stronger. Very cool. Congratulations Rose.

The Final Word:

Habits are hard to change. You might think you need the “foods” like bread, pasta and noodles but you do not.

By eating Primed/LCHF/Real Food people are improving their lives and that of their families.

Let’s create a Revolution of Health and no longer let the Big Food Companies, Fast Food Companies and Big Pharmaceutical Companies get fat with cash as we get fat and sick.


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