160km Ultra Marathon on Olive Oil & Nuts – Well Done Primed Low Carb Champion Rose

Primed for your Life is what Rose Betonio is. Not only did she win her 160km ultra marathon on olive oil and nuts (no processed carbs at all) but Rose was fully recovered by the following day (except for sore lips) when her competitors were still sore and limping.

Rose fi

The reason Primed/Paleo/LCHF/Wheat Belly Lifestyle is on everyone’s lips at the moment is because so many people want to be healthier and are realizing that there is no magic pill, no healing potion and not even running ultra marathons will get you healthy. Sometimes doing too much exercise makes things worse.

However, in the case of running machine Rose Betonio she found a good food formula to augment her love of running.

Rose’s new Primed Lifestyle allows Rose to run fast, recover faster and still be a healthy, dynamic and energetic person with a killer smile!

Rose Benito

The Primed for your Life Lifestyle is basically a delicious recipe of paleo real food principles, Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint, Lower Carb with Higher Healthy Fat/LCHF together with the Wheat Belly Lifestyle where individuals discover what real food ingredients work best for them whilst avoiding modern toxins like grains, sugar and veg oil.

Rose pic

Primed champion Rose Betonio just won female champion in her 160km ultra marathon. Only 15 out of 37 made cut-off. Rose was 6th overall. An amazing effort in the Philippine heat.

From Rose: “Hey Chad! Olive oil and nuts is really amazing, that’s the only nutrition I have the whole race for 30hrs and I was even a champion and never hungry. Thank you for the tips and Primed for your Life lifestyle.”

Read more about Rose’s running success here.

Rose 160km champ

More from Rose: “Champion Lady’s Category and 6th overall out of 37 participants. How do I start my crazy journey of running which is 100 miles, my longest run ever. My first 80km with the time of 12hrs plus and 110km 17hrs plus. Super duper…”

Rose 160km champ3

In Rose’s Own Words:

Running is my health, my passion and my love.

Rose message

I got motivated by people who believed in what I can do and the outcome of being fit and strong.

Most of my runs are my achievements but I have a few is best for me: Last Sunday 60km champion in lady category that was very hard route for me as crazy uphill needs your legs strong and endurance.

My 1st 160km I’m very happy to made to top 6th overall and champion to lady’s category. I’m not ready in that race as I planned to rest for 2 months.

It is really good to train with determination and commitment and discipline. My goal is to motivate more people and inspired them to run because running is health.

The Primed Lifestyle rocks because it makes me healthier, lighter and even helps my speed.

I feel great and really give me a big help in my running career.

i am very happy thank you to be Primed especially seeing it helped my abs pop out.”

Rose FF

What Rose Eats:

I love eating real food like eggs, lots of vegetables, meats, seafood and quality fats like in olive oil, coconut oil and nuts. I definitely AVOID all grains, sugars and vegetable oil.

Rose recipe

Above is a picture of Rose’s favorite recipe from The Wheat Belly Cook Book of New York Times best selling author Dr. William Davis of Wheat Belly fame.

Rose breakfast

A typical breakfast of Rose depending upon whether she’ll do her morning exercise in a fasted state of course. The other favorite breakfast recipe of Rose is her Primed Kimbap Wrap with Mackerel, Kimchi and Omelette.

Kimbap Mackerel

Inspirational Quote from Rose


“When you love someone and the relationship has to end in any reason that hurt you both, it has to end right at that moment and you have to accept it and let go. You don’t have to ask questions why.”

Rose Benito3

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5 thoughts on “160km Ultra Marathon on Olive Oil & Nuts – Well Done Primed Low Carb Champion Rose”

    1. Hi Robyn, Just as cool as doing it is the way Rose recovered. As good as gold shortly thereafter. So many people carbo load before, during and after an event (that they do for fun and to be healthy) then cannot function for many days afterwards. Primed/LCHF really feeds your mind and body optimally. Cheers for your nice comment.

  1. Keep inspiring, Rose!! I look forward to the next running event with you…IF i can go that distance 😉 Cheers! 🍢

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