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A Tale of Two Bosses

Some bosses rock and some suck. 

How is your boss?

Boss #1 – Lets call him Juan


  • He finds out his staff’s wife is type 2 diabetic with a host of other issues.

  • As a healthy person himself he knows the solution is to fix the root cause of the problem. 

  • So, he engages a wellness coach to help fix these root causes. Logical right?

fiTWT RandA

  • This wellness coach runs from Pasig to The Wholesome Table in Salcedo Village at 9pm at night (past his bedtime) to help Juan, Ronnie and Analie.

  • Result is Analie lost 25 pounds, almost halved her blood sugar levels and halved her triglycerides. Ronnie also markedly improved his health and happiness.

Analie cholesterol

  • Oh, there are a plethora of other The Wholesome Table staff who are thriving.

  • Their families too.

  • That is the type of boss I want to work for. A number 1 boss. A caring and cool boss.

Some of the other The Wholesome Table success stories:

Primed Glicerio Rocks. Down 25 pounds & loving his Primed Life. The Wholesome Table customers are loving him too.

Ian, Alec and Tes (from The Wholesome Table) are THRIVING Primed.

Chef Vanessa from The Wholesome Table is THRIVING with her Primed Lifestyle

Primed Leo from The Wholesome Table is Up in Energy and Down in Pounds (30)!

Wholesome Ronnie and Analie Rocking Their Primed Lifestyle

Primed Tricia is a Primed Champ

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Primed NEH Philippines Rock – Healthier and happier staff AND families too. That’s HUGE.

It all starts with GREAT bosses making great decisions to REALLY help their staff.

NEH featured image

The staff have to also be willing to change and try something new.

It is as simple as eat more eggs, green veg, seafood and quality fats like coconut oil to start with. More Primed protocols help ensure you go to the next level after this. The Primed staff at NEH Philippines know food is number 4 on the health equation and exercise a lot lower down.

The Primed Lifestyle is as simple as having fun in the sun and eating real food. More sun and no fake food, friends etc.

Spend more time developing your brain than your muscles. Exercise is not key. Good to do once you have fixed your energy and sleep. Not essential. Read real books.

You must help yourself first before you can help others. The cool staff of NEH Philippines are doing EXACTLY that.

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Being Hangry is a Bad, Bad Sign

Hunger means the following:

H – Have not eaten enough quality nutrients despite “loading” myself with “food”

U – Undernourished despite being overfed

N – Nutrient deprivation affects your bodies ability to repair itself = poor immunity

G – Grumpy person always searching for more food due to being HANGRY!

E – Energy deprived due to lack of quality energy from your food and constant digestion

R – Really not maximizing your potential in life due to poor food choices. Really not mindful due to always being hungry. Really supporting companies and institutions that do not care if you are sick and/or prefer you to be sick.

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Primed Arnold from NEH Philippines Lost 5 Kilos and His Hypertensive Meds

One of these Arnold’s is better than the other one.

NEH Arnold

Arnold above was:

  • Carry extra weight around his guts;
  • Was taking Hypertensive meds
  • Had poor quality skin
  • Felt work stress
  • Lacked energy in the afternoon
  • Had headaches and lacked true mental clarity
  • Was no where nearly as healthy, confident and happy as HE SHOULD have been


This cooler, happier Arnold:

  • Has lost more than 5 kilos of PUSS (gut fats is worse than fat, it is an angry puss);
  • Is saving a lot of cash by no longer keeping the drug companies rich;
  • Has more vibrant and vital quality skin (an excellent sign of overall health);
  • Feels work stress less (home stress is less too);
  • Has a lot more energy in the afternoon and is no longer a sleepy head;
  • No more headaches and has gained more mental clarity (he needs that! Haha);
  • Is a lot more healthy, confident and happy. That’s PRICELESS

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3 New Primed NEH Philippines Staff and 3 New Amazing Healthy Outcomes ALREADY

Primed Success Already Number 1:

“Good day chad

I would like to inform you that before i became part of NEH my weight was 62 kilos. that was roughly around sept 19. And gratefully, this morning I weighed 57 kilos. I was so happy. I am thankful i knew Primed. and I got to hear it directly from you.
Have a good day;
Nurse Dessa”
Primed Success Already Number 2:
Kris was constipated before joining NEH Philippines. Had trouble with the number 2! haha.
However, because NEH Philippines only serves real food in the cafeteria (thanks Divine and Joel) Kris was forced to eat vegetables and the constipation has gone. You do not want your plumbing backed up. That is a very bad sign!!

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Primed Karla is Rocking Davao – 7 kilos lighter & feeling gorgeous

Inline image 2

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Primed Erwin is Healthier and Happier

When I caught up with Erwin in July he had made some excellent changes and had some great health outcomes.

NEH Sto. Tomas Erwin

Primed Erwin has since improved even further with some excellent results:

  • His wife Stephanie and son Matthew are starting their own Primed journey now
  • Erwin is eating less rice
  • Erwin has more energy and feels even better than when I saw him in July
  • Erwin will start some eccentric gym exercise. Muscle is good to have as it is your fat burning machinery

The best measure of your health: 

  • is the size of your waist relative to your height (you definitely do not want much/any visceral belly fat)
  • Is the quality of your skin
  • Is the vibrancy and vigor in your eyes
  • Is the energy you have in the morning and afternoon
  • Is the quality of your sleep
  • Is your body shape
  • Is whether you have stomach or bowel issues
  • It is not about weight!


Primed Sitti Jane Has Saved A Lot of Money by Going Primed

Since i first met Sitti Jane when doing my first Primed seminar in Sto. Tomas for NEH Philippines she has come a very long way.

NEH Santo Tomas

Sitti Jane has so many great positives besides saving a lot of cash:

  • Sitti Jane is less hungry and very satisfied with her Primed food (especially eggs)
  • Sitti Jane feels lighter
  • Sitti Jane feels less sleepy and has more energy
  • Sitti Jane had some success with Herbalife but found it expensive, sometimes impractical and also stalled with her weight loss goals
  • Sitti Jane previously wasted time and energy counting calories which we never do once Primed
  • Sitti Jane might start some exercise and be more conscious of the timing of her eating
  • Sitti Jane loves having more energy at work and for her home life
  • Sitti Jane is very happy.


The Delicious Primed Fiesta We Enjoyed in Sto. Tomas


Primed Richel is Amazing & Helping So Many of Her Family and Friends

Richel is really thriving with her Primed lifestyle and helping a lot of other people.


Since I saw Primed Richel in July she had improved even further by August. I can hardly wait to see what September brings. 🙂


Richel has:

  • Lost further kilos and is feeling energized
  • Loves the fact that she has more time to spend with her family
  • Sleeps a lot more easily and better (sleep is the key to having more energy)
  • No longer has insomnia
  • Loves eating eggs and seafood


  • Richel’s hubby Jessie is off his medicines
  • He is doing better than ever before
  • In total he has gone from 80 kilos to 63. Wow.
  • They are saving a lot of money because food has become his new medicine
  • Jessie’s sister has also benefited and no longer takes meds for arthritis. She has gained weight after previously being under-weight
  • The auntie, uncle and twin sister of Richel are also improving their health due to the inspirational Richel

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Primed Albert is Getting Smarter in Sto. Tomas

Albert is rocking it in Sto. Tomas.

  • Albert has gained 2 kilos
  • He has more energy
  • Improved skin
  • Is more confident
  • Has clearer thinking
  • Writes his reports faster and better
  • Is improving his mind with improved nutrition
  • Was lazy before but no longer
  • Has darker skin and looks better


Albert has the secret to being healthier and happier.

Just like his fellow NEH Philippines staff because they have great bosses who really care about their health and well-being.

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