Primed NEH Philippines Rock – Healthier and happier staff AND families too. That’s HUGE.

It all starts with GREAT bosses making great decisions to REALLY help their staff.

NEH featured image

The staff have to also be willing to change and try something new.

It is as simple as eat more eggs, green veg, seafood and quality fats like coconut oil to start with. More Primed protocols help ensure you go to the next level after this. The Primed staff at NEH Philippines know food is number 4 on the health equation and exercise a lot lower down.

The Primed Lifestyle is as simple as having fun in the sun and eating real food. More sun and no fake food, friends etc.

Spend more time developing your brain than your muscles. Exercise is not key. Good to do once you have fixed your energy and sleep. Not essential. Read real books.

You must help yourself first before you can help others. The cool staff of NEH Philippines are doing EXACTLY that.


NEH Sto. Tomas Junkee1


NEH Sto. Tomas rock1

NEH JulyRenel & Chen


NEH July Beauties

NEH JulyJoy

NEH JulyJeffery

NEH JulyJuress & Tom

NEH Jean

The Final Word

What we do, eat, think and where we do these activities matter. We have but one life.

We must be the best version of ourselves to lead a better life and help our loved ones.

Primed reverses


























































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