Franky and Family THRIVING Primed. 60+ Pounds Gone in Less than 60 Day. ** Energy and better living gained. **

Primed works. Simple. 

Franky and his family present further proof that we can all be healthier and happier no matter our ages, sex, current circumstances or individual challenges.

Just a few short weeks ago Franky and his family met me at The Wholesome Table Estancia. 

From left to right is cutie Franko, Nikoy, Franky, Melo, Chad, Ingrid and Karla. They collectively decided that they were sick of being sick and tired of being tired. They wanted more energy, better health and happiness. I promised them that and 5 weeks later I HAVE BEEN PROVEN RIGHT YET AGAIN. You beauty.


Here’s a Summary of their Progress

Franky’s Dad Melo is rocking it Primed.

He loves it and WILL NOT be going backwards again.

  • Melo has lost more than 20 pounds in the weeks since our meeting where I outlines the simple protocols to take to turn his life around
  • Melo DID NO EXERCISE to lose these 20 pounds as exercise is something you do ONLY once you have fixed your energy imbalance and sleep
  • Melo feels lighter and better
  • Melo has better sleep (sleep equates to life and energy)
  • Melo is healthier, happier and more alert and alive
  • Melo’s gout is disappearing and will soon be a thing of the past
  • Melo’s belt has come in 2 notches
  • Melo has no limited his intake of food but simply improved the quality
  • Melo is enjoying the sun more
  • Melo followed other Primed protocols reserved for Primed clients who decide they want to live longer, better lives
  • Melo no has a chin you can see. haha


Franky’s Mum is a STAR – She rocks big time. Way yo go Ingrid

  • Ingrid has shed more than 17 pounds of fat (should be called puss as this excess fats is an angry fat that you do not want on your body)
  • Ingrid was not so over-weight to begin with but her body was not working as it should have
  • Ingrid has drastically reduced her meds and will soon be off all these DRUGS that do not address the root cause of the problem in the first place
  • Ingrid WILL reverse her Type 2 Diabetes like so many others have Primed
  • Ingrid is saving cash already. Cool.
  • Ingrid’s skin is glowing. It has more vitality and elasticity. This is a great sign of improved health and vitality
  • Ingrid has much better moods. Yippie. 🙂
  • Ingrid is looking younger with many compliments from her friends.


Franky and Karla are a cool couple expecting another Primed baby.

Chad is a great name for a new baby. 🙂

  • Franky has dropped down from 200 pounds to around 186
  • Franky sleeps better and is less tired
  • Franky has more energy and can better cope with the demands of his job
  • Franky is calmer at work with an improved temperament
  • Franky is not hungry like he once was and is not a slave to hunger any more
  • Franky eats well and is not deprived in the least
  • Franky loves a Primed omelette for breakfast with tuna and some sweet potato
  • Karla is simply beautiful and enjoying the Primed lifestyle
  • Baby Franko is also thriving Primed with good moods,  sleep, poo etc. Franky too
  • Their entire family is saving money by buying optimal nutrition and knowing the other optimal Primed protocols for longevity


Why Did Franky and His Family Go Primed and THRIVE?

John Gonzales is a great pal of Franky. When you have a friend you also want them to thrive.

  • John attended a Primed seminar at TaskUs and knew this would not only benefit himself but his friend and his family. Thanks John. You rock mate.
  • Primed seminars and Corporate Wellness Coaching are helping small and large companies worldwide. Smart bosses are helping their staff to live longer and better when they go Primed.


Nikoy is also doing great Primed and will rock it too

  • Nikoy has already shed weight and feels the benefit of more energy
  • The Primed way is that we help those we love
  • Everyone has their own unique story and Primed journey. The bottom line is that once you start feeling the positive effects of the Primed Lifestyle you want more.


The Final Word


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