Set Yourself Up for Success in 2017

The best thing you could do for your family is improve your health and theirs. There is no question that health is wealth.

There is no reward for being the richest person in the graveyard. Just ask Steve Jobs….

Once Primed you learn that food is but number 4 on the path to optimal. Ensure your success by engaging a Wellness Coach who can explain the why and show the how to. Feel free to text me at 0929-421-2148 or email me at

Here’s How We Ensure Our Food Success:

  1. If making a Primed Omelette (always with turmeric, pepper and malunggay powder inside) for my darlings for breakfast I will always make extra. Then I have a snack for later, breakfast for them tomorrow already (they prefer it re-fried) or an ingredient for a Kimbap Wrap.

The item above on the right is a cold omelette with sardines on top. Delicious.

Kimbap Mackerel 1

Try and always have nori sheets, kimchi, mackerel, sardines etc., cucumber, carrot sticks on hand for your easy as Kimbap Wraps.

2. We always make extras when doing our Primed Zudles. Here I have onion, garlic and mushrooms as my base. Half went into a container in the fridge and the rest added with sardines for breakfast.

3. We always have lots of Pickled Veg like Kimchi and Pickled Cucumbers. Simple recipe here.

4. We have lots of Fish in jars (sardines are my favorite along with anchovies). We have canned tuna in water as back up and because Lauren likes it in her lunch box).

5. Of course we have lots of Coconut products like home-made coconut flour, coconut milk, coconut cream and Primed Organic Centrifuged Virgin Coconut Oil. Thank you to all thoe who support me by buying this great product.

6. We have a lot of eggs. We usually go through a dozen a day. My cholesterol markers are elite by-the-way.


7. Great quality cheese. We have a lot of quality European cheese (higher standards than the US and even Oz). Goat’s cheese from Santi’s rocks. Cheddar, Brie etc.

8. Primed Green Smoothies always available because of lots of green veg, lemons, turmeric, pepper, aloe vera, ampalaya, ginger etc. on hand. I always blend extra for breakfast the next day or even a quick dinner.

9. Primed Kinilaw and Primed Laing ALWAYS in the fridge. These two items are easily made and last a long time in the fridge. The Primed Kinilaw can last in the fridge for more than 6 weeks and the laing is easily frozen.


10. Easy as cucumber with tuna and cream cheese or avocado with tuyo and laing.

11. Below is Primed Veg Kinilaw with Salted Duck Eggs and Goat’s Cheese. Sarap.


12. We usually have a pate from Santi’s deli too. No need for poisoned bread here.


13. Natasha and I prefer green veg over fruit. Both are carbohydrates with green veg a superior one with less fruit sugars. Pomelo is great in Kinilaw. My children are active, in the sun, have good bodies and metabolism and can eat more fruit than me.

14. So happy I gave up booze and concentrate on drinking better quality water. Yippie.


15. All this makes you stronger, smarter, younger, healthier and happier.

That’s Primed.

The Final Word

Primed is also about helping people once you have helped yourself.

Any referrals for companies or individuals needing to go Primed would be appreciated. Primed is now in 150 countries with people getting amazing results.

Primed reverses

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