Primed Richel is Amazing & Helping So Many of Her Family and Friends

Richel is really thriving with her Primed lifestyle and helping a lot of other people.


Since I saw Primed Richel in July she had improved even further by August. I can hardly wait to see what September brings. 🙂


Richel has:

  • Lost further kilos and is feeling energized
  • Loves the fact that she has more time to spend with her family
  • Sleeps a lot more easily and better (sleep is the key to having more energy)
  • No longer has insomnia
  • Loves eating eggs and seafood


  • Richel’s hubby Jessie is off his medicines
  • He is doing better than ever before
  • In total he has gone from 80 kilos to 63. Wow.
  • They are saving a lot of money because food has become his new medicine
  • Jessie’s sister has also benefited and no longer takes meds for arthritis. She has gained weight after previously being under-weight
  • The auntie, uncle and twin sister of Richel are also improving their health due to the inspirational Richel


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