Happy is Loving Her Improved Energy & Confidence

Primed Happy is doing great in Sto. Tomas.


I was very impressed with Happy when I met up with her in late July 2016. Happy had improved energy and sleep.

However, Happy has taken that to another level since then and is doing even better now.

Dane 1

Happy is enjoying the following positive health outcomes since going Primed:

  • No longer has insomnia and is now sleeping earlier and better
  • Has skin that looks a lot more vibrant and glowing
  • Has noticeably more confident
  • Has more energy and zest for life
  • Is enjoying her day off a lot more due to being more energetic and less tired
  • Is loving her food with more quality carbohydrates in the form of green vegetables and limiting her less nutritious carbos in the form of rice

Sonia rice

Happy used to be grumpy, tired and sleepy on her days off.

However, now she is more energized to enjoy her friends, family and activities she enjoys. 

Happy has a better outlook on life and can fulfill her dreams. That rocks.

Happy simply needs to keep eating her eggs and green veggies. Maybe add a little more quality fats like butter, olive oil and coconut oil.

Happy also needs more sunshine on her skin. 🙂




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