Primed Erwin is Healthier and Happier

When I caught up with Erwin in July he had made some excellent changes and had some great health outcomes.

NEH Sto. Tomas Erwin

Primed Erwin has since improved even further with some excellent results:

  • His wife Stephanie and son Matthew are starting their own Primed journey now
  • Erwin is eating less rice
  • Erwin has more energy and feels even better than when I saw him in July
  • Erwin will start some eccentric gym exercise. Muscle is good to have as it is your fat burning machinery

The best measure of your health: 

  • is the size of your waist relative to your height (you definitely do not want much/any visceral belly fat)
  • Is the quality of your skin
  • Is the vibrancy and vigor in your eyes
  • Is the energy you have in the morning and afternoon
  • Is the quality of your sleep
  • Is your body shape
  • Is whether you have stomach or bowel issues
  • It is not about weight!


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