3 New Primed NEH Philippines Staff and 3 New Amazing Healthy Outcomes ALREADY

Primed Success Already Number 1:

“Good day chad

I would like to inform you that before i became part of NEH my weight was 62 kilos. that was roughly around sept 19. And gratefully, this morning I weighed 57 kilos. I was so happy. I am thankful i knew Primed. and I got to hear it directly from you.
Have a good day;
Nurse Dessa”
Primed Success Already Number 2:
Kris was constipated before joining NEH Philippines. Had trouble with the number 2! haha.
However, because NEH Philippines only serves real food in the cafeteria (thanks Divine and Joel) Kris was forced to eat vegetables and the constipation has gone. You do not want your plumbing backed up. That is a very bad sign!!

Kris now has to address her gastric issues. This is easily fixed now she will go fully Primed. Oh, we will also help ensure her Mum is healthier and happier too.
Primed reverses
Primed Success Already Number 3:
“Hi Chad,
My sleep has already started to improve, plus i dont feel the constant need to snack. For the past 2-3 days i have stuck to your diet almost 70 percent and i can honestly say i already feel lighter and more alive. I had a point of weakness yesterday, and i think i wont do it again because my body go so mad a me ( i had an upset stomach after ) because i ate something a friend gave me, i did not want to offend her.
It feels like my body is trying to tell me it doesn’t like nasty sugar filled food anymore, so i will listen.
I still have a long way to go,

Have a great day, Carol”


Dear Carol,

Mistakes are cool as long as you learn from them.
The teaching point is that you had an opportunity to be a TRUE FRIEND but were weak.
A true friend would explain that you are Primed and the reason you are Primed.
Good mistake to make PROVIDED you are stronger next time.
Right? Once you know better you should do better.
Cheers, Chad.
Exercise only once you have energy from your food and other environmental factors are in balance. All this will help you sleep. Sleep is the key to life. Never exercise at the expense of life giving sleep.

Carol and Family Will be a Primed Success Story. How about you and your family?

“Thank you very much chad, and yes i will do exactly so. i aim to be one of your success stories, including my family. thank you for showing me and guiding me on this very hard path. Carol.”
Happy quality thoughts

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