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TaskUs Ph Stories of their Primed Journeys to living longer, better lives. 

Sol Rellita

  1. Sol Rellita – “You weren’t kidding. I tried the Primed tuna patties and omelettes. I’m full till the arvo.”

    Tuna Patties12

    Chad Davis

    Chad Davis I told you bro. Being hungry a lot is a bad sign. Now you have more room in your brain to do other more productive things. Diba? Haha. Cool man. Maintain and improve Sol


    Sol now eats real food like Primed Filipino Veggie Kinilaw. I added Davao pomelo & okra. Also radish, ampalaya, onion, garlic, ginger, cucumber, tomato, acv, olive oil and lemon juice. It is going to be epic.  I made a huge batch that can last in my fridge for 3 weeks easily. Will add boiled eggs and sardines when breaking my 24 hour fast tomorrow. Recipe and YouTube video available at www.primedforyourlife.

    Sleep rocks

  2. I get to sleep better now.

I can feel my metabolism has improved. lost 2 inches on my belly already. I want to continue doing this silently and maybe tell my story 3 months from now. Thank you for the chance to learn a lot from you. Primed.
Indeed! Already felt my body is improving! 🙂 Even switched to olive oil.  I’ll send you pictures of some of the food that I had earlier this week.


3. Tried the Primed protocol technique you suggested to avoid alcohol

and been sober since that email in spite attending several gatherings that includes a LOT of alcohol! It was tough but I feel good since after several hours I was the only one sane during those gathering with friends:-P. Hopefully, I can continue this. Thanks. 

Here’s Chad’s no booze for past 75 days story.

Alcohol 1

4. One thing that I have started is going out in the sun

Will never forget this 2 point for my life and will preach about it to all people around me.I am not sure if I have the will power to give up everything what you said in regards to food / diet habits but will try.  Will keep in touch and try to find time in a few days as I settle down in TaskUs. Thanks & Regards.

Optimal Primed Protocols sunshine1

5. hello chad – a very quick update from myself are:

  • i have not had coffee for almost 3 weeks now
  • i’ve started eating boiled eggs and drink cold water every morning
  • have maintained a 7-hour sleep for 1 straight week
with just these 3 changes, i’ve been more calm, more alert and feel healthier 🙂
thank you

Optimal Primed Protocols eggs

6.Hey Chad!!  Hope this email finds you well.  I’ve been reading your updates and proud to say that I am sharing some of the useful tips to my colleagues.

I have done the ff steps after our session with you:

1. Reduced rice consumption from 1 cup to 0.5 cup (per meal) 😀

2. No more soda, commercial juice, iced tea, etc. It’s either water, fresh coconut or pineapple juice

3. Booked a vacation in Palawan for next year! Yay!

  •  Hoping to see more of your emails.  More power!!  Best

    7.I’m still struggling in giving up rice, but I’m trying my best to increase the egg intake to help address the ‘craving’. =(  Regards.

    Why eat a bowl of nutrient deficient sugar when you can eat real, delicious, filling and nutritious food? One feeds your body and brain and fights disease. The other does not. FACT.

    Sonia rice

    Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to email me.

    Optimal Primed Protocols gratitude

    TaskUs are an excellent organization determined to get better. A company is only as strong as it’s employees.

    TaskUs Jasper


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    TaskUs Presentation3

    TaskUs Presentation4

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