Primed Mega-Nourishing Breakfast Pizza

A great breakfast sets you up for a great day. It charges you up so you will not be hungry, distracted and grumpy. With a great breakfast you will be more productive, energized and mindful. Oh, your brain will have superior nutrition as well as your body.


Primed breakfast of mozzarella cheese, VCO fried eggs, mushroom tapenade from Edgy Veggy & Sardines with olive oil. Had Primed banana muffins too.


Once Primed you do not want to eat the bread any more (you eat the butter though), you never count calories (hello!, what a waste of time) and you eat great food. You also become healthier, happier and live better, longer. There are thousands worldwide going Primed and loving it. It’s the future for optimal health. #primedforyourlife #teachyourchildren#eatrealfood #sunshineisenergy #energyislife❤️


We eat a lot of eggs in our household. Over 6 dozen a week. All healthy, all with great energy and teeth and my cholesterol is shared by the best docs in the US.

Ingredients of Primed Breakfast “Pizza”:

5 free range eggs (the best eggs you can find and afford) – I buy ours from the Legaspi Sunday market

Primed organic Centrifuged virgin coconut oil

Home-made tomato sauce (or fresh tomatoes sliced)

Sardines in olive oil

Cheddar cheese optional

Himalayan salt and pepper



1. Simply fry 5 eggs in your Primed Organic vco. Not at too high a heat.

2. Once fried put onto your plate then scoop on your Primed home-made tomato sauce.


3. Add sardines or your favorite fish, chicken, pork etc.



  1. I love cheese. 🙂


2. Without exercising much (I only walk/run) to my Primed appointments and doing 30 minutes of eccentric gym per week I am now still the same weight I was 2 years ago.


3. Throw away your scale. Seriously. 

Far more important factors to consider are your skin, your regularity of bowel movements, your nails, your sleep, your waist line and your energy levels throughout the entire day. Also whether you are hungry often or not. These are far superior markers of your health than a weighing scale.

Remember that muscle weights more than fat so it is your body composition that is of more importance. You want a smaller waist (or a waist without to many flabs).

Brain Growth


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