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Primed Mega-Nourishing Breakfast Pizza

A great breakfast sets you up for a great day. It charges you up so you will not be hungry, distracted and grumpy. With a great breakfast you will be more productive, energized and mindful. Oh, your brain will have superior nutrition as well as your body.


Primed breakfast of mozzarella cheese, VCO fried eggs, mushroom tapenade from Edgy Veggy & Sardines with olive oil. Had Primed banana muffins too.


Once Primed you do not want to eat the bread any more (you eat the butter though), you never count calories (hello!, what a waste of time) and you eat great food. You also become healthier, happier and live better, longer. There are thousands worldwide going Primed and loving it. It’s the future for optimal health. #primedforyourlife #teachyourchildren#eatrealfood #sunshineisenergy #energyislife❤️


We eat a lot of eggs in our household. Over 6 dozen a week. All healthy, all with great energy and teeth and my cholesterol is shared by the best docs in the US.

Ingredients of Primed Breakfast “Pizza”:

5 free range eggs (the best eggs you can find and afford) – I buy ours from the Legaspi Sunday market

Primed organic Centrifuged virgin coconut oil

Home-made tomato sauce (or fresh tomatoes sliced)

Sardines in olive oil

Cheddar cheese optional

Himalayan salt and pepper


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Primed Spicy Korean, Seaweed, Kimchi, Mixed Veg and Sardine Frittata


Here is one of my favorite creations. So delicious and nutritious.



  • 15 quality eggs
  • Olive oil or Primed organic coconut oil to line your cake tin or muffin trays
  • Kimchi – I buy mine from our local Korean shop
  • Mixed seaweed of kelp and/or and nori sheets
  • Assorted mixed green vegetables (I used zudles and onion and garlic kangkong)
  • A handful of tomatoes
  • Sardines in olive oil
  • Himalayan salt, pepper and turmeric



  • Spread your olive oil (or Organic VCO) on your cake/baking tin/tray or muffin trays



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Primed Korean Quiche with Kimchi and Duo of Seaweed

I personally love Korean food, and the people too. I have been several times with Enderun Colleges, went to the wedding of our friends Suzanne and Jason Koh and always seek out the best Korean shops where ever I live and visit on holiday. Having just moved to Pasig I am glad we have some cool Korean shops near us.

I met Russel at our local Korean shop late in 2015 and was delighted to learn he lost almost 6 pounds in 3 months when I saw him again in early 2016. Russel told me he followed the friendly Primed advise I gave to him and his colleagues that evening in 2015 as I bought some kimchi and soju. Russel said he also has a lot more energy and is less hungry having gone Primed. Cool.

In Honor of My Korean Friends Worldwide Here’s Primed Korean Quiche

Shout out to OnYoo, Butler (Kyle Shin), Jason Koh, Bori Kang, Tinsa (technically Vietnamese), Mandy Park, Anna Lee, Soojin, Boram Kim, Grace Lee, Glenn Kim, Winnie Kang, Caleb Han, Jinny Choi, Samuel Ham, Jane Moon and all my other friends.


Korean Primed Muffins - Ingredients

Nori sheets cut into strips

Malagos Kesong Puti from Davao

Ito-wakame dried seaweed (from your local Korean grocer – can use other seaweeds or even extra nori)

9 eggs

Himalayan salt, pepper and a lot of turmeric (great for you)

Kimchi (the favorite of my great mate Bill Brummitt)

Sardines in olive oil (bought from Legaspi market)

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Youtube Primed Banana Pancakes Recipe

Primed Banana Pancakes are one of our most popular recipes.

Please see simple 3 minute youtube recipe here.

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Yvonne is going Primed so I will be teaching her and her family to make nutritious and delicious recipes like this.

Youtube Banana Pancakes3

I’ll also teach Yvonne how easy it is to make Primed Gourmet Pizzas.

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Primed Warm Spinach and Sardine Salad

The reason the Primed Lifestyle is simple and easily maintained (eventually) is that it is not expensive, can be done any where, tastes great and you can maintain it for the rest of your life.

Here’s a cool recipe that I made for myself whilst on holiday in Switzerland using just a few of my favorite ingredients.

The picture on the left is Zermatt 2015 and 1987 on the right.


Olive Oil

Sardines in olive oil (can use mackerel, tuna or even anchovies)

Spinach (or fresh, seasonal greens)

Fried egg

Pieces of cheddar cheese (optional)

Warm Spinach and Sardine Salad


  1. Simply open the can of sardines and use the olive oil to saute your spinach in. Ensure this is done at a low heat. Or saute the spinach in coconut oil, butter, lard or ghee.
  2. Add in your sardines.
  3. Add in a fried egg.

Warm Spinach and Sardine Salad2

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Poached Egg on Smoked Salmon on Crispy Fried Sweet Potato, Beetroot & Zucchini Primed Pattie with added chili.

Here’s a delicious and nutritious Primed meal that is extremely versatile. It is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is easy to prepare, inexpensive (if you exclude the smoked salmon and substitute bacon or chicken) and you can make a big batch to make life easier tomorrow.


Sweet Potatoes
Salt and Pepper
Chili (optional)
Coconut oil for frying
Smoked salmon (optional as you can also substitute kimchi, avocado, spinach, chicken etc.)

Vegetable Pattie6

Also can use:

Mince pork, beef or chicken
Coconut flour
Almond flour

Vegetable Pattie


1. Grate sweet potatoes, zucchini and beetroot (other veggies are welcome, especially malunggay).

2. Add salt, pepper, egg and chili (optional) then stir.

Vegetable Pattie2

3. Pan fry in coconut oil till crispy.

Vegetable Pattie8

4. Add smoked salmon (or chicken, spinach, tomato, kimchi etc.) on top.

Vegetable Pattie9


1. You can add smoked salmon (or chicken, spinach, tomato, kimchi etc.) on top. Add perfectly poached egg and voila. A great nutritious and delicious meal for the family.

Vegetable Pattie12

The runny poached egg can be used as your sauce. Delicious.

Vegetable Pattie16

2. Of course you can use your Primed Vegetable Pattie as a base for your Primed Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce.

Eggs Benedict_3 Ways_Chad6

Once you have your creative base (who needs sugar spiking, anti-nutrient, leaky gut causing bread) simply add your poached egg and then Hollandaise Sauce.

Eggs Benedict 3-Ways2

Top 11 Primed Food Recipes to Learn to Prepare for Healthier Living

Cooking is fun. Yes it can be tiring, hot and you sometimes cut yourself, but IT IS FUN!

Cooking is also good exercise. In fact, you can exercise less and get fit simply by cooking and eating the right food. Primed food. My Primed Journey is proof of that.

Being in hospitality for 20 years, and having my own restaurant in Brisbane for 3 years, I learned to appreciate and love cooking. It means even more to me now as I know I am feeding my family well so they become healthier in body and mind.

It is never too late to learn/master a new skill and even if you don’t know how to boil, poach or scramble an egg you can learn. With our 500,000th visitor to soon visit Primed for your Life (from 140 different countries) I want to highlight our TOP 11 dishes learn to cook/prepare. They are not too hard, not too expensive and they TASTE awesome and have an AWESOME effect on your mind and body.

If you can master yourself you can master anything.

Over-fed and under-nourished4
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