Chad’s Primed Eggs Benedict 3-Ways

Like most people, I love Eggs Benedict. Traditionally Eggs Benedict is served on a toasted English muffin with ham, a poached egg and hollandasie sauce. To make it Primed I have a few other versions for you to try.

I will start with the hollandaise sauce as it is the trickiest part of the recipe but quite easy once you have tried doing it a few times.

Eggs Benedict_3 Ways_Chad7

Ingredients for Hollandaise Sause:

(1) 3 egg yolks
(2) 1/2 block of butter (110 grams)
(3) squeeze of lemon juice
(4) 1/2 tablespoon of apple vinegar
(5) salt and pepper (can be regular pepper or cayenne pepper)


(1) Place your 3 egg yolks, vinegar and dash of salt in a metal tray or pot that is suitable to be placed over steaming water

Eggs Benedict_3 Ways_Chad2

(2) As shown in the picture above hold your metal tray/pot above the steaming water and whisk vigorously. You want to keep whisking the mixture above the steam so as to thicken the mixture until you can make a figure 8 with the mixture (ensure you do not steam the mixture too much or you will scramble the eggs)
(3) Once you have the mixture above ready you need to then place the metal tray/pot securely on your bench
(4) Now you need to slowly whisk your clarified butter into the mixture
(5) The key here is to slowly add the butter and whisk into the egg yolks and vinegar mixture

(6) Once you have the butter whisked in you can add some pepper and your squeeze of lemon
(7) Place into a nice serving dish

Eggs Benedict_3 Ways_Chad3

Ingredients for Eggs Benedict 3 Ways:

(1) 1 ripe Avocado
(2) 1 Tuna and Squash Pattie
(3) Slice of Smoked Salmon
(4) Cup of Spinach
(5) 3 Poached Eggs (see Chef Cyrille’s Primed Eggs Benedict for easy egg poaching method)
(6) Hollandaise sauce (see above)

Eggs Benedict_3 Ways_Chad6


(1) Add salt and pepper to your avocado, add coconut oil to a heated pan and pan-fry until slightly browned
(2) Assemble your smoked salmon on a plate and add a generous serving of spinach leaves on top then roll together
(3) Take your slightly heated tuna and squash pattie out of the oven and place onto your serving plate
(4) Place your salmon and spinach roll and avocado onto same plate as your tuna and squash pattie. See picture above.
(5) Gently place your poached eggs onto each separate base ingredient
(6) Adjust each egg onto base ingredient so it will not slide off
(7) Add your hollandaise sauce on top of each poached egg
(8) Garnish if you wish but probably not necessary as the colors of this dish are already vibrant and appealing

Eggs Benedict 3-Ways


(1) Although the above recipes are non-traditional they include healthy ingredients that are really delicious and will give you great energy for the day
(2) You can add other ingredients if you wish with semi-dried tomatoes on the avocado quite tasty, pickled cucumber on the tuna and squash pattie adding a tart contrast to the hollandaise sauce
(3) Additional bases for your poached eggs could be pan-seared eggplant, beef salpicao (Primed recipe to be posted soon) and even almond flour encrusted zucchini

Eggs Benedict_3 Ways_Chad

7 thoughts on “Chad’s Primed Eggs Benedict 3-Ways”

    1. Hi Ema, They are really delicious. I just had 2 swimming coach fiends of mine over for brunch and they loved it. Feel free to email me any time at or if you need any assistance with the method. I would love to hear how you go with it. Hollandaise can take a little while to perfect but is easy with a little practice. The poaching of the eggs is what I found hardest but Chef Cyrille’s method really works. Cheers.

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