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Chad’s Primed Eggs Benedict 3-Ways

Like most people, I love Eggs Benedict. Traditionally Eggs Benedict is served on a toasted English muffin with ham, a poached egg and hollandasie sauce. To make it Primed I have a few other versions for you to try.

I will start with the hollandaise sauce as it is the trickiest part of the recipe but quite easy once you have tried doing it a few times.
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The Primed Eggs Benedictine

Eggs Benedictine, is the winner of all egg preparation. It is good for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack and dinner.

If you don’t know how to do an Eggs Benedictine then please continue to read this recipe.

Single or married, you have to know how to do an Eggs Benedictine. It’s the recipe to impress your loved ones. Also, your friends and family. A very good Eggs Benedictine is always appreciated by everyone.

You can be so creative with this egg dish and include a lot of Primed ingredients. It is not expensive, rich in protein and good for your health.

You have so much choice now on the market to get good quality eggs from different farms. The one that I like is from Pamora Farm where Tina and Gerard Papillon have a first class operation. Visit www.pamorafarm.com to see what I mean. They take good care of their chickens and it tastes very much like the egg we can find in France.
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