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Top 11 Primed Food Recipes to Learn to Prepare for Healthier Living

Cooking is fun. Yes it can be tiring, hot and you sometimes cut yourself, but IT IS FUN!

Cooking is also good exercise. In fact, you can exercise less and get fit simply by cooking and eating the right food. Primed food. My Primed Journey is proof of that.

Being in hospitality for 20 years, and having my own restaurant in Brisbane for 3 years, I learned to appreciate and love cooking. It means even more to me now as I know I am feeding my family well so they become healthier in body and mind.

It is never too late to learn/master a new skill and even if you don’t know how to boil, poach or scramble an egg you can learn. With our 200,000th visitor to soon visit Primed for your Life (from 125 different countries) I want to highlight our TOP 10 dishes learn to cook/prepare. They are not too hard, not too expensive and they TASTE awesome and have an AWESOME effect on your mind and body.

If you can master yourself you can master anything.

Over-fed and under-nourished4
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Primed Roasted Bone Marrow with Parsley Garlic Butter Sauce

There are many great reasons to eat Primed Bone Marrow, but the one I like the most is because it tastes great.   Bone Marrow can have a subtle, creamy nuttiness, sometimes a bit sweet and delicious with a pinch of sea salt or a Parsley Butter as shown below.

Other super reasons to eat Bone Marrow are because it is packed with vitamins and minerals and is a rich source of very healthy, rich fats.  It also contains iron, phosphorus and vitamin A. Need more reasons to eat Bone Marrow?  Well, it is also an amazing muscle-building, cognitive-boosting and joint-nourishing food.

CiCou Bone Marrow-Primedforyourlife6

350 grams Mayura bone marrow
100ml cream
3 grams Rock Salt
1 gram Pepper
20 grams Parsley Butter

Ingredients for Parsley Butter:
50 grams Curly parsley
180 grams butter
20 grams garlic
7 grams almond flour
10 grams mustard
4 grams salt
1 gram pepper


1. Clean/ trim the meat from the bone marrow

2. Season with rock salt and pepper

3. Place the bone marrow on a tray and put it inside the oven for 8 minutes at 350 ˚Fahrenheit (176˚Celsius) until the marrow can be pierced by a thermometer or reached its internal temperature of 145 ˚Fahrenheit (62.8 ˚Celsius)

4. The parsley cream sauce: In a sauce pan, warm 100 ml of cream and 50 grams of parsley butter season with salt until the cream is hot.

5. Ready to serve.  Bon appetite!

CiCou Bone Marrow-Primedforyourlife10

This great Primed Dish of Roasted Bone Marrow with Parsley Garlic Butter Sauce is available at Brasserie CiCou in Greenhills.

Try my Chicken Liver Pate served with Baby Raddish as a starter first though as it is wonderfully nutritious and tasty as well.

CiCou-Chicken Liver Pate with Raddish

The CiCou Chicken Liver Pate is full of great healthy fats and the very nutrient dense internal organs that are a vital component of a nutritious and balanced diet.  The Pate is also available from the Brasserie CiCou stall at the Salcedo Market every Saturday morning.

CiCou at Salcedo

Do you like Bone Marrow?  Please let us know your favorite way to eat your Bone Marrow. Thanks.

The Secret to Making a Great Omelette by Chef CiÇou

So many people ask me how to do an omelette, “the rolled one“. That’s not an easy one, and you need a lot of practice. The good thing is that eggs are not so expensive so you can practice if you really want to learn.  I remember where I learned how to do this omelette, this was 29 years ago when I was just a simple apprentice, just a baby in the culinary world. But I was so lucky that I started at the best at that time, the Ritz Hotel in Paris.

I learned when I was at the “Entremetier” (this is a section in the kitchen which takes care of all the hotel’s breakfast, especialy all egg cooking, soup and potage, as well as all garnishes for all a la cartes of the hotel and its room service). It’s a busy section in the kitchen and a very important one!

When you are only 16 years old and when you do more than 100 covers in the early morning for the breakfast service in a short time, I tell you, you do a lot of omelettes, so you learn fast because you don’t want to miss an order and people usually in the morning are always in hurry! (I have a lot of stories about this fantastic learning place “the Ritz Hotel” but that is for another post).

Making a good omelette needs a nice presentation, and you need to make sure the egg is not overcooked, not too colored, not too undercooked and still smoky hot when the client will eat it! You need PRACTICE… a LOT of practice.

So here some of my tips for you to get a nice omelette at home.
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Primed Carbonara Squash Pasta

Carbonara Sauce, who does not like this classic sauce? I am sure that no one I know doesn’t enjoy the smokiness of the bacon, the earthy flavors of the mushrooms, the richness of the cream, egg and Parmesan!

All of these flavors make one of the most famous worldwide dishes …. oops did I forget to mention the pasta? Yes I did, because today it is a carbonara without the pasta. I am making it primed for you guys.

Carbonara without pasta is a dream come true for those people who want to avoid pasta?

Please, let’s get ready in your kitchen, it’s going to be fun.

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How to Maintain a PRIMED Lifestyle while on HOLIDAY

Holiday excess! Two words we do not like at all. We all usually come home with excess baggage from our holiday. Excess because of the new clothes, gifts for friends and souvenirs. But what about the excess weight around your waistline and butt? This is a usual occurrence after a great vacation where we return heavier than we left due to over-eating and drinking, and not getting enough exercise.

This post relates to our recent 3 weeks in Italy, France and the UK where we managed to return as we departed: fit and healthy. Here are a few hints on how to have a great holiday that could leave you a little lighter in body, enriched in mind, and save you some cash as well.

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The Primed Eggs Benedictine

Eggs Benedictine, is the winner of all egg preparation. It is good for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack and dinner.

If you don’t know how to do an Eggs Benedictine then please continue to read this recipe.

Single or married, you have to know how to do an Eggs Benedictine. It’s the recipe to impress your loved ones. Also, your friends and family. A very good Eggs Benedictine is always appreciated by everyone.

You can be so creative with this egg dish and include a lot of Primed ingredients. It is not expensive, rich in protein and good for your health.

You have so much choice now on the market to get good quality eggs from different farms. The one that I like is from Pamora Farm where Tina and Gerard Papillon have a first class operation. Visit www.pamorafarm.com to see what I mean. They take good care of their chickens and it tastes very much like the egg we can find in France.
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Stuffed Vegetables  or “Les FARÇIES”

This a dish that my mom (like any French mom) cooks in France. There is a lot of variation, depending on which part of France you come from.  There is some preparation, but the finished dish is so yummy that you forget all the hard work when you dig into this beautiful and healthy dish and see the smiling faces of your friends and family.

This is a complete meal!  Firstly, there is the meat: ground pork, beef or any poultry, like chicken or duck, even certain fish like Lapu-Lapu or prawns, etc. Secondly, the vegetables used can be any kind of vegetables (this allows you to be creative in choosing your vegetables) and the combination of both makes it a primed recipe.

You can also be creative with this dish by adding some spices to make it more to your liking. So are we ready? Then follow me into my kitchen for the recipe and preparation.

Here we go.

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