Primed Carbonara Squash Pasta

Carbonara Sauce, who does not like this classic sauce? I am sure that no one I know doesn’t enjoy the smokiness of the bacon, the earthy flavors of the mushrooms, the richness of the cream, egg and Parmesan!

All of these flavors make one of the most famous worldwide dishes …. oops did I forget to mention the pasta? Yes I did, because today it is a carbonara without the pasta. I am making it primed for you guys.

Carbonara without pasta is a dream come true for those people who want to avoid pasta?

Please, let’s get ready in your kitchen, it’s going to be fun.

ingredients :

160g squash. (spaghetti or julienne if you cannot get this wonderful machine)
80g bacon
100g almond milk (please see recipe of the almond milk )
80g assorted sautéed mushroom
1 piece egg (yoke only for this recipe)
50g of vegetable broth (please see recipe)
15g butter
20g parmesan cheese
5g chopped Italian parsley
salt and pepper


Please check on this link where you can find this wonderful equipment to do more than just vegetable spaghetti.


(1) Get a nice teal pan or non sticky pan and add your butter on a slow fire. Add your bacon cut into lardons (please see pictures). Continuous stirring until the bacon is slightly brown.

(2) Add the mushroom and season with salt and pepper.

(3) Pour the vegetable broth until it’s boiled with some of your almond milk and add your spaghetti squash and toss it. The squash is very quick to cook so make sure you measure everything before you start to cook your primed squash spaghetti carbonara. When the squash is almost cooked put it on the side of the fire.


(4) In a mixing bowl add your yoke and parmesan and half of your almond milk. Mix it.

(5) Put back your pan with the squash and add the other half of your almond milk. Mix it well.

(6) Off the fire add the Parmesan, egg yoke and almond milk mix to your spaghetti squash little by little. Adjust the seasoning by adding salt and pepper.


(7) Then you can plate it on a pasta plate and add some shaving of Parmesan and finish it with Italian chopped parsley .

Voilà here is your Primed Squash Spaghetti Carbonara

Bon Appétit !


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