Top 11 Primed Food Recipes to Learn to Prepare for Healthier Living

Cooking is fun. Yes it can be tiring, hot and you sometimes cut yourself, but IT IS FUN!

Cooking is also good exercise. In fact, you can exercise less and get fit simply by cooking and eating the right food. Primed food. My Primed Journey is proof of that.

Being in hospitality for 20 years, and having my own restaurant in Brisbane for 3 years, I learned to appreciate and love cooking. It means even more to me now as I know I am feeding my family well so they become healthier in body and mind.

It is never too late to learn/master a new skill and even if you don’t know how to boil, poach or scramble an egg you can learn. With our 200,000th visitor to soon visit Primed for your Life (from 125 different countries) I want to highlight our TOP 10 dishes learn to cook/prepare. They are not too hard, not too expensive and they TASTE awesome and have an AWESOME effect on your mind and body.

If you can master yourself you can master anything.

Over-fed and under-nourished4

Chad’s Top 10 Recipes to Master


1. Banana Pancakes with Almond Flour or Coconut Flour (see here how to make Coconut Flour easily)


2. Omelette is a great dish and good for any meal period (simply substitute Malunggay for Kale if it is hard to find or expensive and add other healthy veg like tomatoes).  I love cheese in my omelettes.

3. Primed Kimbap Wrap. This dish is an assembly one that you can easily prepare any time. Fabulous ingredients to add include: omelette, fried egg, cucumber, carrot, cream cheese, sardines, mackerel, spinach, chicken, cauliflower ‘rice’ and whatever you have in the fridge. This is also a fabulous item you can prepare whilst travelling for work or pleasure.

4. My all time favorite is Primed Eggs Benedict 3-Ways.  It takes time and practice to master this one but when you do you become a hero to those who then get to eat it with you.  They are truly delicious.


5. Filipino Fried Rice rocks because it is full of vitamins and minerals that will add essential nutrients to your low nutritional value white or brown rice when you mix the two.  Eventually just have it on its own and ditch the food items that spike your blood sugar levels.  Filipino Fried Rice is also a great item for your Primed Lunch Box for better fuel throughout the day.

6. Tuna and Squash Patties are a delicious and low cost item that allows you to cook them in bulk and freeze a lot for a rainy day!


7. Vegetable Sheets Lasagne with Tuna (or any mince meat you like) is a rocking dish that you also cook in bulk on your day off to make your life easier for the week ahead.

8. Primed Kinilaw with extra Vegetables is my all-time favorite Filipino dish.  It is simple to prepare and full of all the great nutrients your body and mind need.  Did you know that your brain is 60% fat and that your gut is often called your 2nd brain?  No wonder our bodies thrive better with good fats compared to with the simple and cheap carbohydrates so prevalent in today’s society.

9. Primed Bagna Caude Sauce is one of the favorites of Pope Francis and me too. It even tastes great on its own and is very easily prepared with just 4 ingredients.

BC Sauce

This great Primed Bagna Caude Sauce goes beautifully with seafood, vegetables and meats.

10. Roasted Squash and Assorted Carbohydrate Vegetables has been one of our most popular recipes and one well worth mastering.


It is also fabulous with Sardines and even cream cheese.

11. The Best Primed Chocolate Brownies.

These Primed Brownies are delicious. Enough said. Thanks to my cool and beautiful friend Precious for being my Primed model.

Brownie Featured image

Here is what I used to look like before I started eating the Primed food above.  Since I began to eat better in February 2014 last year I lost 15% of my body weight and gained 70% more energy. I also ran my personal best marathon of 3:28:26 after a 180km bike ride at the Melbourne Ironman and ran my first ever sub-40 minute 10km.


I am proof that you cannot exercise away a bad diet.  I now exercise one third of what I used to do.  I now eat 25% more then I used to.  My skin is better, my energy is through the roof and I am loving life.  The Primed Lifestyle is easily maintained once you get over your sugar (grains convert to sugar in your body) and low food quality addiction.

The Final Words

My Primed Rockstar pal Reujen and Ultra champ Rose are proof that abs are made in the kitchen.

How will you use your additional ENERGY after you improve your mind and bodies nutrition?  

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